World's First 3ch Fixed Pitch Micro Airmax 9103 Rc Helicopter Review

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This detailed Double Horse 9103 is beautifully designed and made in high strength metal frame, so it can survive more bumps and races than all other competitors. All advanced pilots are impressed with this new amazing helicopter, at the same time it is perfect for beginners to get into their new hobby.

It is able to fly freely in 4 directions, as a high performance infrared controller is included. Built in Gyroscope let it flies stably and smoothly, with easy to learn controls. Amazing flight distances, long battery life, stunningly durable, and

Ready to Fly, you can get it up impressively in the sky faster and longer than other aircrafts.

This model is miniature in size and lightweight, making it incredibly portable so you can take it anywhere you go. It also offers a wide infrared control and a design that is customized for indoor flying.


18 Responses to “World's First 3ch Fixed Pitch Micro Airmax 9103 Rc Helicopter Review”

  • Hosiyar Kumar:

    Sr. Namskar. Helicapotr. Milega

  • Ross Cumberledge:

    Are there replacement parts for this heli?

  • Sergej Nadaždin:

    i like to fly them in backyard at evenings when there is no sun ( only light bulbs )

  • Jake Reinhofer:

    will the infared system work if i fly it at night? since there aren't any sun rays at night

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Center the trim and then take a look at the swash plate, is the swash plate level? If not you can unscrew the servo horn and then level out the swash plate and put the horn back onto the servo. If the swash plate is leaning at the helicopter will want to fly into that direction.

  • Esteban Kang:

    i just got and tried it out, and it leans hard to the left. I trimmed it as much as i could and it still leans too much. any tips on modifying the hardware?

  • Joe F.:

    I had a horrible crash and i'm trying to buy spare parts off their website but the stupid company keeps saying that there was a temporary technical difficulty…

  • Brian Patterson:

    That's normal because it has a tail rotor.
    I have a 9100 that leans a little to one side.I own the 9103 also and notice the flight characteristics are similar.They both lean to the left because that's the direction the tail rotor blows the heli.

  • Brian Patterson:

    This heli. fly's well when it is hand launched.
    Take your time and get her trimmed up and it will fly OK!

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Please give our customer service a call, we will assist you with this issue or exchange the unit if it's faulty.

  • jsm99:

    @upbeatmart117 means it rolls left – there is no trim for that on this 3ch model. In addition, the swash plate is not adjustable so it cannot be fixed. I spent forever researching this problem and trying to fix my brothers – it just isn't possible.

  • jsm99:

    I got this for my brother for Christmas – it's absolutely unflyable. I'm not an expert but I am definitely not a novice either. It drifts badly to the left and hardly moves forward or backward because the gyro is so heavy handed. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this heli. I am disappointed xHeli carries this heli given the poor quality. I trusted them as a store; they kind of let us down with this product.

  • telj1:

    This is one of those one's to stay away from!!!! Better options are near the same price or better. Mine currently serves as a paper weight…..

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Have you set up the trim on the helicopter already?

  • Seth Wyma:

    doesnt work that great ! smh it sux… total scam

  • Billy Fucello:

    Piece of SHIT ! every crash breaks rotor linkages Fly's erratically out of the box tons of adjustments does little I have been into r/c helos for 4 years and more than often these new Chinese junks are sold as a neat Idea , It is just a scam and buying this Helo is a bad decision IT IS JUNK it lasted 2 crashes before it was useless to many problems with the swash plate connectors being flimsy break apart junk. STAY AWAY FROM THE DOUBLE HORSE 9103 AirMax Single Blade

  • Dovakhiin:

    You guys are GREAT!!! : )

  • flyingphoenix113:

    so was the 9100.

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