HiSKY HCP100S Dual Brushless Micro Helicopter – Review Video #1

My first video on HCP100S (HobbyKing Assault 100) from Banggood.com:
1. Quick Look
2. Turnigy 9X Transmitter Settings (ER9X, OpenTX) [Skip to 1:30]
3. Notes (Balance, Tilt on spool up) [Skip to 2:17]
4. Indoor Hovering [Skip to 3:51]
5. Outdoor Flight (Piro and Flips) [Skip to 5:05]
Product: http://www.banggood.com/Hisky-HCP100S-6CH-2_4Ghz-Brushless-Flybarless-RC-Helicopter-RTF-p-926255.html?p=541709059675201205AM
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15 Responses to “HiSKY HCP100S Dual Brushless Micro Helicopter – Review Video #1”

  • Andy Lam:

    Hi Fyre SG,i got same the heli tilt like your, my assault 100,would u explain clearly,subtrim to center the 3 servo ,thanks a lot?

  • John Wedrall:

    sounds great!?

  • Geraldooo Firminoo:

    comentario publicos?

  • Adolph Janssen:

    Hi there, what causes that tilting at spoolup, is that the gyro's overcompensating because of vibrations from ground effect
    Or does it need a good trimming? Thanks?

  • ?????? ?????:

    ??????????????? 6???????

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    ??????????????? 6???????

  • Evan Base:

    Will it work with a Spectrum DX7 Gen 2??

  • Rui Chaves:

    i hve radio fly sky fs i6 , is possivel binding in model(hcp 100)?? sorry my ingles?

  • VD2021:

    Thanks again for the Outstanding review (forum and video). I'm still tweaking the tail. I'm using my Turnigy9x V2 with stock SW. I modded the HT8 into a JR module case and it's now powered by the Tx. I have a Tail dead-band that I have been able to tune out, but still tweaking the piro. I was able to get it outside, for the fist time, yesterday for full stick piros. They seamed slower than what I'm used to and want to see if you demoed them in your video. Are the piros at~ 6:55– 7: 03 full rudder piros? If so, I'm close and need to add just a little more End-point. Thanks.?

  • Holamondo:

    is compatible with turnigy 9x?

  • ?ukasz ?ysie?:

    One question. Can this helicopter perfectly hold a tail? It's very important for me. I hate what helicopter is doing yaw witout my permission.?

  • Andrzei Czajkowski:

    Are you flying with the Hisky X-6S Transmitter ? Did it come already programmed for the HCP100S ? And programmed for other Hisky models ? Was the programming suitable for smooth flight ? Some owners describe difficult programming for smooth flight especially collective. Does yours tilt dangerously at lift-off ? It does look a bit squirrely, especially compared to the HCP80.?

  • Vaibhav Sharma:

    Hi, what about the cyclic corrections, cant they be stopped?
    I want a stable flight and the heli keeps on tilting towards left everytime i spool it up.
    I there no way I can stop it??

  • Dhiraj Saxena:

    Hi Fyre

    Can this heli bind with futaba 14sg transmitter. ?

  • bizzy511:

    Most people are saying the only problem with the 100s is the weak main gears that get stripped very often.?

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