Blade 200 SR X RC Helicopter Review and Action Video

Blade 200 SR X RC Helicopter Review and Action Video

Learn more about the 200 SR X:

Matt talks about the new Blade 200 SR X. This is an exciting RC helicopter for beginners, coming equipped with SAFE Technology to make flying easier and safer. As you will see in the action footage, the Blade 200 is stable in the air and very easy to handle.

The Blade 200 SR X is coming soon to Modelflight, so visit our website today to find out more:

The first RC helicopter to be fitted with SAFE Technology, the Blade 200 SR X is a great choice for beginners.
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The Blade 230s 3D helicopter has been so much fun to learn how to fly with. Only having about 20 flights run threw the helicopter (20 battery packs) so far, it was time to take advantage of the nice calm day today and fly this micro heli down at an open field to really see what its capable of and not have to worry about hitting any trees or obstacles in my small backyard.

I was flying this blade 230s on beginer mode (Safe activated) with high rates selected. Next time we will venture into intermediate mode without the help of the safe technology to aid us from falling out of the sky…..That could get interesting… so make sure your ready to see some interesting flying. 😉

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Blade 230s 3D aerobatic Helicopter –


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32 Responses to “Blade 200 SR X RC Helicopter Review and Action Video”

  • Jacob Matthews:

    The truth is that the 200srx is a peice of junk ive had two and they both were a peice of crap the engines are no good they burn out quickly that is the truth if you need to learn how to fix helis then i suggest you buy the blade 200srx.

  • Vladimir Putin:

    .au meh

  • whiteyguitar666:

    Mine done the pirouette of death and stripped main gear and both servos,, Twice now grrrrr to scared to repair again now

  • Léandre Lacasse:

    Never have trouble with tail motor or nothing else ! Since 4 month

  • Doamino41:

    Would the stock transmitter work a spectrum receiver in case I wanted to use it on an airplane?

  • Char Aznable:

    Love my Blade 200 SRX its a nice break from my more aggressive MCPX BL.  Sometimes you just want easy smooth flying.

  • mike hundley:

    Tail motor sucks big time yall . My maiden flight . BAM to the ground . Tail motor was hot as a firecracker . 

  • ??????? ?????????:

    this is very interesting. can i fly with OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module? please give me a suggestion.

  • nfsragnar:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you compare this LP6DSM controller it is shipped with Blade 200 SR X RtF: Would you find the controller good enough (accurate and so on) or you would rather replace it with another Spectrum DSMX controller?

  • Emer Gencyexitsonly:

    His T shirt , the yellow part XD

  • C.L. Youtube:

    Thank you Modelflight for your reviews. I wanted to know if the gimbals on the RTF transmitter, LP6DSM, are smooth travel or are they notched? Also, do they have analog trims or digital?

  • birdmanbl:

    Nice clip I love the Ausi sky with real clouds we don't have those clouds here anymore in Los Angleles only spider webby geo clouds from jets.

  • Old-RC PLANE-Dude:

    I so HATE ppl that put those gay azz goals in a perfectly great place to fly! 1 near me. I've thought many times about taking MY sawzall next trip & solve THAT problem 4ever!

  • Melvin Quinene:

    Very nice upgrades Bud, Iove the color scheme of the canopy, good for orientation especially for guys my age Lol ! Awesome flight as well, I myself am still just into scale flight thanks for sharing !??

  • David Rivero:

    Your counteracting the force of a clockwise main rotor & why i do Lefts with bit more throttle & w/o gaining lil altitude, suttle on the sticks lol This like 1st video i saw a 230s , thought it be relaxing Fun. One wasnt enough & i got 2. Perfect size for los in vacant lots & small Parks.

  • mattinwinkymg:

    Is a 230 really considered a micro nowadays when there are so much smaller ones available now

  • mattinwinkymg:

    Is a 230 really considered a micro nowadays when there are so much smaller ones available now

  • keith phillips:

    Just purchased mine yesterday. Haven’t flown in 10 years so pretty stoked. Little disappointed in the flight time tho. Horizon suggested a onyx 1200mah battery for maybe close to 8 minutes?? What’s your suggestions and thoughts on squeezing more flight time out of it? Thanks

  • Henry Airconcepts:

    I'm a bit disappointed with this heli actually. For some reason the tail spins out of control after doing some 3D flying sometimes, and the receiver isn't programmable

  • Sassonic Aquariums:

    Anyone know if the 230s or 230s v2 works with an older transmitter that came out before safe/panic modes were introduced? I have a JR 9503…

  • skypilot 23:

    I favor turning right- that's a constant among pilots I've seen it in print. I spent hours on left turns and now cant do right.
    Still flying this?

  • Redwood0351:

    Nice Flying!!

  • bcflyer99:

    So you flew the whole time on SAFE?

  • GrotrianSeiler:

    I love that you're showing the progression. I'm not quite there yet but it is a lot of fun. Horizon Hobby has great tech support too.

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme:

    Why are you calling that a Micro? Its about half the size of a 450 but much bigger than those true micro helis I have been shopping around trust me, thats NOT Micro.I just traded a 300 Extra Balsa plane for a 450 Pro Trex, all upgraded, metal parts. I am not ready for collective pitch yet. The WL Toys 913 I fly is a bus, it flys…..thats basically it. Nice Heli, really nice.

  • bushpilot2001:

    It's not a micro-heli !!!!!!

  • Francis Del Rosario:

    I have the nano cps and i got the lemon fbl 3 in 1 not i cant fly my heli. And now im thinking to get a bigger heli. Should i get the 130s or that 230s. Thanks great vids

  • RC4X4:

    Very cool and nice flying. I'm looking at getting one.

  • weird science:

    Fpv it lol

  • weird science:

    Nice Heli dude been considered one for a while I like my quads but had an mjx f46 and a smallish nitro helicopter back in the day be nice to fly a chopper again

  • Steff 71:

    Hi. Here we only see a flat foot flight. Why do not you use the helicopter? Backward flying, flip, slip etc.,

  • James Williams:

    I've had and still several Blade Helicopters…the 230S is a great one.

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