C129 Firefox 250 Size Gyro Stabilized RC Helicopter – Motion RC

The perfect helicopter for a beginner or anyone who just wants something to whip around their yard, street, or local park. This Heli is RTF so it comes with everything needed to just go out and fly. Find it here: https://www.motionrc.com/products/rotorscale-c129-firefox-250-size-gyro-stabilized-helicopter-rtf

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WLToys V911S 2.4Ghz 4 Channel 6 axis gyro flybarless RC helicopter is available to buy Ready to fly. you can enjoy flying it right of of box. its very stable and very beginner friendly.

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23 Responses to “C129 Firefox 250 Size Gyro Stabilized RC Helicopter – Motion RC”

  • David han:

    Are those batteries just like a lipo should I keep it charged or discharged when not using it for a while

  • Brian Roberts:

    I really like mine. SO easy to fly. And the controls are exactly like your basic quad or drone.
    The first one I got was DOA. It VIOLENTLY yawed left at WOT wide open throttle.
    No trimming it out.. Factory reset, nope. Linkage too long, short, bent, or loose? Nope. Tail rotor loose or underpowered? Ah, no.
    Just a lemon I guess. They replaced it. They sent a new one, no charge.
    So, no8i have a Shelf Queen.
    Would love to fix it. Its really not worth pursuing a new Rcvr board.
    Any ideas from a fellow armchair aviator?
    This is my first fixed pitch heli. I have 10+ CoAx, 15_20 sport quads and about 10 FPV Quads/drones.
    SG Beast Pro 2, Hubsan H593 and 103, SG 700d ( BEST IVE EVER FLOWN), Cheerson CX30 and 10, and some el cheapo FPVs. Even a Dromeda Kodo. A Flying Camera basically, but no FPV.
    Anyone else ever seen this issue?

  • KingLadybug:

    What Camara did you use? What frames per second was it set to? 1080? Or 4k?

  • epoweredrc:

    Doesn't matter what size helicopter or plane it is. We have flying zones at CCRC for a reason. It looked like the field was empty you could even flown on the airplane side if worried about the sun. We all have to follow the rules.

  • Jonn:

    What protocol this radio uses? Want to fly with my Jumper TX.

  • vespizzari:

    You learnin' whirly birds now James?

  • Swastik Chandra:

    What is the price of this nice copter?

  • 2???:


  • andy krupa:

    I like your comments ?

  • Mark Dearman:

    Hi there where do you live?

  • Pär Lundqvist:

    Nice to see! Have a series of 911 batteries, can these fit directly to the 911?

  • JOGO:

    Fantastic, thanks for the info.

  • Ian Craig - Audio, Video, Reviews & Tips:

    Ali, it’s fixed pitch isn’t it, not collective pitch? 1:49

  • gmodesike:

    Basically Actually x100

  • Tank Mode:

    Instant Sub! Those were some insane durability tests:)

  • Bob Idderis:

    Waalaikumussalam Ali! At last! I found back your channel Ali Shanmao! For months I've been searching!

  • rottweiler lover!:


  • ????:

    is it good?

  • Justice Only:

    Very grateful for you. What is the biggest beginner helicopter that is easy to fly regardless of the price please?
    Thank you

  • Enrique Ch:

    Ali, which one is your favorite, E119 or V911S? Regards

  • Abrar Akhtar Baig:

    Nice Work.please make other video with Urdu language

  • Erwin 55:

    Bought one in 2020

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