Detrum Z3 Lite Autopilot First Look – Add GPS Based Return to Home to Any RC Plane

This is the RC Video Reviews first look at the Detrum Z3 Lite Autopilot. The Z3 is a standalone autopilot with stabilization, acro-mode, safe mode, and return to home capabilities that can be added to any RC plane with an S.BUS, CPPM, or DSM receiver.

The video is sponsored by Bitgo Hobby who provided the Z3 Autopilot for review.

UPDATE: Enable RTH by placing a 2 position switch on Channel 6.

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The Z3 Autopilot can be found here:

The Z3 with 3-in-1 Programmer showm in the video is available here:


8 Responses to “Detrum Z3 Lite Autopilot First Look – Add GPS Based Return to Home to Any RC Plane”

  • RC Video Reviews:

    I received confirmation about calibrating for level pitch from Detrum engineers:

    Set fuselage level pitch (prop up the back for tail draggers)
    Switch on-off the mode switch 3 times, LED will fast flash, meaning calibration in process. Once LED turn in solid, calibration is done.

  • notsuretwo:

    What would i need to add return to home to this unit?

  • Walter Szempruch:

    The added GPS feature is nice, but really, out of all the technology you showed, the use of the Lua script installed on the FrSky transmitter is by far the easiest and simplest to use being device free with no cables no pc hook-ups and no need for ancillary interface devices to hunt for in your shop. Think about it. Detrum only adds a GPS "Home" feature and a statement that their "Nitro" version has an algorithm that supports gas and nitro planes beyond the customary electric planes. That is a bold statement because the worry over swamping the accelerometer with vibration is real. IF (and I emphasize IF) the S8R has a good gas or nitro algorithm, Detrum may only be a strong # 2. Sorry, but that is truth.

  • Mohammed Mostafa Mamun:

    Hello sir… Can Detrum Z3 work on Radiolink AT9S Tx & Rx…?

  • 52griz:

    What is "angle" gain? Adjusting that doesn't seem to do anything. Rate gain adjust how far the servos throw when the gyro FC is moved.

  • 52griz:

    Next question: how do you know if the Z3 Lite has acquired any satellites? There is no video out. And no confirmation that the GPS compass is working.

  • 52griz:

    Need help! Tried plugging in my ESC into ch. 3 of the Z3 lite but motor just beeps. Motor is ok when plugged into the receiver. Detrum kv650 motor, Skylord 50A ESC, Jumper T18 radio, R900 receiver using S.bus.

  • Micah Williams:

    So I can attach this to my volantex asw28 gilder?

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