Assembly Tutorial: Training Gear Set

This is an assembly tutorial movie for the “Instruction Equipment Established” The showcased merchandise in this video can be discovered on and Product variety: EK1-0221 or by clicking the links under. If you have any more inquiries you should leave a remark underneath
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14 Responses to “Assembly Tutorial: Training Gear Set”

  • xhelicopter:

    When you have this installed it will? probably extend past the rotor diameter.

  • xhelicopter:

    The training kit is designed for 450 sized helicopters, you can? installed them on your helicopter but you will need to cut the sticks down to make it fit better.

  • Tonson Pham:

    how big will they? be on my copter?

  • Tonson Pham:

    Anyone knows if thse will fit on my WL v911 plz reply? thnx!!!

  • mlodyusa:

    make sure? your balls are flash xD

  • nerdyrcdriver:

    They dont always know what will be in each shipment they order. Thus causing them? to not know what is on its way. Sometimes they get stuff that they already have in stock, sometimes they get things that were out of stock. Things take a long time to get through china, the ocean, and US customs.

  • mayantribe:

    @aviator541? ur right

  • sootydave1:

    Xheli, Rock’s. Best dealer i have found. Don’t slam the dealer. The supplier/manufacture is the problem. If Walmart is out of stock what? do you do,? go else where, thats my suggestion……

  • aviator541:

    depends if? its hot or cold!!!lol

  • atomdragon4:

    attach your balls to your main shaft which they? already are attached

  • mayantribe:

    as long as? ur out of the swash wash u dont need these training balls

  • dayshaddow:

    the fact you added the training gear to such a small heli makes me lauf.guys if your watching this for advice i will give you the best advice,get the heli up to waste height not to fast but not to slow,helis to low get stuck in dirty air and wonder around all over the really will settle? down in clean aire,and remember to cut the power before it hits anything

  • javamochacocoa:

    what are you talking about? they have excellent service and there is so many costumers that when they get something in stock it’s out within a couple days. You just need to catch it when it comes in. ? BTW try the online chat it might take a little bit but they can help you out.

  • Sergio Pereira:

    Now you got? it right!!

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