XK Blast K110 Mini 3D Flybarless RC Helicopter

XK Blast K110 RC Helicopter is superb mini 3D RC Helicopter that is capable of doing some hardcore 3D moves, thanks to its powerful brushless motor and 3D CCPMP Flybarless system. Helicopter is equipped with 6G Stabilization system that users can choose to turn on or off. With 6G System on, XK Blast K110 is very easy to fly, while with 3D mode, 6G System off, experienced pilots can pull some hardcore 3D moves like tic tocs, pirouettes, funnels and much more.

XK offers a Futaba Authorized S-FHSS Frequencies Protocol radio, that means, XK Helicopters including this Blast K110 are Bind and fly for Futaba Radios that can transmit at S-FHSS Frequencies. That includes, Futaba T8J, Futaba T10J, and Futaba 14SG Radio Systems.

A word of caution regarding radios. XK Radios are a total pain to program so be careful and do not mess up the settings on these radios. If you are going to use Futaba Radios, then you better be a pro and know how to properly program a Radio to use with 3D CCPM Helicopter system and how to setup a 3D CCPM structure helicopter.

XK Blast K110 offers a very stable flight performance and at the same time it’s very powerful to pull great 3D Aerobatics and some hardcore moves in the hand of a pro pilot. It handles winds with a smile due to its flybarless main rotor head and CCPM System.

XK Blast K110 is good mini 3D RC helicopter for intermediate to Pro pilots and offers great stable flight for beginners to learn to fly. Due to its crash resistant structure, it does take some crashes with smile and keeps flying without needing any repairs.

XK Blast is a two thumbs up product and a highly recommended Fun RC 3D helicopter.

All in all XK offers a professional and quality presentation of their product and quality build with great radio system for such small Helicopter. Do not like the radio provided, simply bind and fly with your Futaba radios.

You can order this Helicopter here

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19 Responses to “XK Blast K110 Mini 3D Flybarless RC Helicopter”

  • mike Ponce de Leon:

    Hi thanks for the nice video, one question I'm sorry if they asked you before
    that's the 6g works when you are inverted too or not, thanks for any info?

  • lstruggy:

    Just sub. Man U got skills! ?????????????????

  • MicroRCFiend:

    If piro comp and tail are as good as the K120, XK nailed it again and this could possibly be a mini cp killer and perfect inside 3D heli. I find out in about 2 weeks :)?

  • N2Quads:

    Thank you for your fine review. I purchased a xk k110 BNF and have a X6 transmitter from my xk 350. Can you let me know how to bind it to my x6 transmitter and if possible what settings you used on your transmitter. Thanking you in advance.?

  • JR Helimodelista:

    Congratulations on the flight and the aircraft. You're an excellent pilot.?

  • Shaun Victor:

    The problem with all Chinese made helis is that there are no spare parts available.Eventually parts will be needed!?

  • Jason Austin:

    Nice box. Nice looking radio. Futaba protocol..nice. It took YOU two hours to program? Forget it.?

  • Ivan Poon:

    Looks identical to WLtoys 977 power x1. What are the differences, except radio, coloration??

  • Multirotor Go:

    Hello. I have enjoyed a lot your videos of this heli. I am really digging it. But I discovered that there is another version the XK K120 RTF can you make a review of that one too and explain the diferences between the 110 and the 120 please. thank you?

  • B Rod53:

    I bought one. WARNING!!!!!! Their instruction manual is garbage. They don't give you any instructions on how to bind to your Futaba Radio. it's all guess work. I crashed it at least 6 times trying to get the Swash set up. It's H1 by the way for those of you that have a T8J. But the Gyro got messed up and I TRIED to follow their instructions in the manual for calibrating the Gyro. BUT THEIR INSTRUCTIONS A SO BAD!!!!!! NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE. AND NOW MY K110 IS UNABLE TO ARM THE MOTOR. AND i CAN'T SEEM TO FIX IT. I'm waiting for their sales team to get back to me with hopefully better instructions. Or else I'm contact Banggood and get a refund. When it flew, it was great fun. But don't try to follow the instruction manual. it's total garbage!?

  • smkedafinest:

    same as the v966 i think?

  • kadek sudarwika:

    sound like more powerfull micro heli?

  • Greatmadbeast Hulo:

    can u make a review of X31.0??

  • Wayne Morgan:

    how do you think it compares to the Walkera V120D02s??

  • squarerootof9001:

    This thing looks lovely! Very cheap as well I'm surprised. This would be my first time testing with 3d on a heli(If i got this I would hold off on it for a bit don't worry) but do you think this would be a good place to start, all I've flown is some 4CH helis and a bunch of quads, thing looks really fun though. Great video as usual :D?

  • Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne):

    looked like ane axe 100 cp, wltoys knock off?

  • Abu Tayiba RC Videos:

    awesome flying Ali. This is very similar to my wl v977.?

  • Fonzie Fonz:

    As usual what a great Job you always do.?


    your the man Ali?

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