Walkera V120D02S Flybarless Mini 3D RC Helicopter Review

We just received the new Walkera V120D02S and Tony took it outside to test it out. This is only a sample so please let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment box below. www.xheli.com


22 Responses to “Walkera V120D02S Flybarless Mini 3D RC Helicopter Review”

  • 1313neoos:

    good review jet? li jr

  • IbizaHippo:

    Hey Tony, how does this Heli? compare to the Blade 130x? In your opinion which is the better Heli? Cheers!

  • lintdittyy2:

    you? need better lighting or a better camera.. cant hardly tell whats going on.

  • Pharmd208:

    Ahh, my next heli. I? like:-D

  • Tracy Remnant:

    ive been flying 4 channel for a few months now…i want a 3d model like this? one now…but i cant figure how the hell they fly upside down please could u explain…..ta…tim..

  • xhelicopter:

    The V120D02 has a brushless motor where as the Mini CP a brushed motor, so it does have a bit more punch. The motor on the Mini CP is is more than enough for the size of the helicopter that there is aftermarket electronics available for it on the market. Some of the plastics on the Mini CP and V120D02 has been changed to make them ore durable. But as is I would say the V120D02 is faster? out of the box.

  • Nicolas Boesch:

    I want to get either the mini cp or the v120d02s but I don’t know which one I should get. which one of these helicopters would you recommend/pros and cons about the helicopters eg. which one has the faster/stronger motor? etc. any help would be much appreciated. thanks

  • xhelicopter:

    With the? stock charger it’ll take about 1-2 hours.

  • Nicolas Boesch:

    Hey,? how long does it take to fully charge the battery?

  • Gangsterety:

    price is 370 Included:Tail gears extra4 lipos extra 1 is stock other are storm enhancef1pair extra blades still in packetDevo6 tx V120d02s heli ( no canopy but if you want i can give you the damaged on i use)One little broken maingear i have as extra One bladegripaluminium caseDamages : 6cm tear? in foam of aluminium case tx battery cover ,canopyNeeded to fly:CanopyShipping cost is excluded :30Total asking price :$400Price is negotiable

    Contact :[email protected]

    It flies perfect

  • xhelicopter:

    Check out this model, it’s one of our most popular entry level 4ch fixed pitch helicopter. 50H28-MadHawk300-Red-LCD-2402D?


    Oh right thanks, can u recommend me any iv seen a couple on the website but it baffles me so many models and makes.?

  • xhelicopter:

    This helicopter is classified as a advance helicopter so if were to jump into this right now it will be really hard for you to fly, I recommend getting a 4ch fixed pitch helicopter first and practice on that or get a flight simulator before getting this? model.


    How much is this model? also I have only been flying the beginner helis no 3d. How hard would it be for me just to fly this thing around normally and eventually do done 3d ??

  • KYLE97sir:

    The SR sucks, my tail rotor s bad? like all the blade sr

  • Rc Chopper Onlinedotcom:

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  • xhelicopter:

    Sorry we don’t carry a upgrade battery for the helicopter at? the moment.

  • Plowin Chick:

    if you want to upgrade the battery pack for the helicopter, what is the best? battery pack on your site to upgrade to, that is still going to be compatible with the helicopter?

  • FalconPunch1978:

    But is? it durable?

  • Nick Saan:

    Blade mCP X? V2 RTF or Blade SR RTF?

  • altena011:

    Wow that? flying is amazing really cool tricks

  • Leroy Stitch:

    How much? does it cost in the UK?

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