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We are very new to flying RC Helicopters, especially anything without a flybar or with collective pitch so this video will primarily be sharing our learning experience with you using this amazing XK K110 heli. It does have a stabilization mode, which makes it fly extremely well for a beginner pilot, but is very capable of flying 3D and inverted with it’s 5th and 6th channels! After a few more flights, I think we’ll have it down, but if our video didn’t make it obvious enough, we highly recommend this as anyone’s first RC helicopter 🙂 Happy Flying!

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18 Responses to “Brushless 3D RC Helicopter – XK K110 Flybarless Heli – TheRcSaylors”

  • TheRcSaylors:

    This heli is awesome for beginners and more skilled pilots trying to learn 3D! Buy the XK K110 Here:

  • James Francis:

    So nice

  • The Nocturnal Beast:

    What a nice beautiful view.

  • andrea4809:

    I love your channel, but leave that dog at home once in awhile.

  • Matthew Jarman:

    Yaaaaaa popeye

  • P.J.:

    I absolutely like you two. I can’t say guys because there is a nice lady present. So I love Ya RC Saylors ?. This is an awesome review on the XK -110 brushless.
    Unfortunately I have the XK-100 it’s brushed? but still performs ok I guess.
    I am using it to learn 6ch RC helicopter
    Because it has a 6 axis gyro stabilization system which is very VERY important when it comes to learning to fly 6ch RC Helicopters. I have 10 flybarless helicopters and one flybares non of them I can fly because I’m a noob lol but you 2 or should I say 3 Popeyes included go out there and fly that baby proudly. You make it look so easy?. I also have realflight simulator and that’s not making it easier.
    Any suggestions? Please I have been trying to learn for the last 4 years with no success and I am bummed out. My beautiful helicopters sit on the wall awaiting their turn.

  • John Poen:

    Hi Saylors! I found this beautifully filmed review of this 3D heli today! One of the prettiest locations that I have seen you do a review! Just fantastic! Also, you aptly show the difficulty in doing 3D flight with a 3D helicopter. I thought you both flew it well for the first time, too! Popeye was darling in this one, as well! Really enjoyed this one, my friends! Take great care! JP

  • Clint Anton Montesino:

    What is Brushless?

  • Bradley Carpo:

    I went from the v 911 to collective pitch , allmost flew once……… right at my boss!! Had to cut throttle too fast. 🙁

  • steby123:

    Falls out of the sky and bounces with greatest of ease!

  • Blake Taylor-Hobbs:

    Review the wltoys V950 heli its a lot bigger heli

  • Damon Wolf:

    You guys are just awesome and inspiring and funny!

    Thank you for putting fun back into a craft that too many knuckleheads take way too seriously !

    That's a radically pup too yea;)

    You guys are completely a really fresh breath of tube air time! 😉

    Kudos & thanks for posting

    Keep it up!

    & out the TREE HAHA!! 😉

  • drestarss:

    i buy this helicopter ,give full throttle but will not lift off, how do you do that?

  • Blake Taylor-Hobbs:

    Your to old for this what are you like 40

  • drestarss:

    its so it difficult to see?

  • Silver Top Flyer:

    Hey guys hope your well
    Thanks for getting all three of us into rc maddness
    We now have eight drones and a love affair with the hobby
    My little girl tells everyone she can fly its precious
    Keep up the good work
    Pet popeye for us

  • Kip Anderson:

    While comparing this and the K100, I have noticed that the K100 now includes the same brushless motor, so it looks like the only real mechanical differences now are the length of the main blades and battery capacity (which adds weight). Still worth the upgrade to the K110, though I wonder if one could tone down it's response by using K100 blades and vice versa.

  • Kyle Parent:

    can anyone subscribe to me plz

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