Trex 700E “The Beast” – Tim Jones insane power

Taken from Video and commentary by the godfather of rc helis, Finless Bob :)

Tim Jones has built a Trex 700 electric conversion based around a prototype Castle Creations motor. The initial word was that the motor was putting out around 7 horsepowers.

How ever the last thing I heard about this insane motor (supposedly after some data logging was performed) it was putting out about 10 horsepowers(!). That’s over 7000 watts of power output in a machine that weighs just over 5 kilos! Compare that to the stock nitro engine which produces about 3.4 hp (total fly weight here is somewhat lower though).

As an interesting side note (although a somewhat inappropriate comparison) one of the most powerful full scale helis in the world, the American millitary attack helicopter AH-64D Apache Longbow (i.e. the most powerful version) has a power to weight ratio of 0.773 horsepowers per kilo. Even in the wold of rc 3D helis that’s powerful. That’s how ever without any weapons, fuel or pilot. In the same way the full scale Bell222 (the Airwolf helicopter) has a ratio of 0.598 hp per kilo. Loaded and ready for combat the Apache has a power to weight ratio of 0.499 hp per kilo. Still very powerful.
How ever, assuming this Trex700E conversion heli weighs about the same as other electric conversions “The Beast” should be approaching 2 whole horsepowers per kilo! And that’s with the heavy batteries installed.
A Trex 700 is about the length of a 3 seated sofa or couch. It’s very big and normally moves like “a hog” compared to smaller sizes but Tim’s conversion is like a finch. It’s capable of moving around more like a 50 sized heli even though it’s a 90 size.

Suffice to say… power to weight ratio on this thing is sick. By far the most powerful rc heli I’ve ever seen.

Be sure to view in HD and crank up the volume. The blade farts on this thing nicknamed “The Beast” are pure music.
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Please view on for the full flight academy series. I am so thank full for all the support of my friends out there. please enjoy the web site as it continues to grow.

in this video we cover how to:

understand the basic controls involved with a collective pitch rc heli, also we go over first time hovers and some dos and donts.
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    Ask him this next time you see him How many time's has he crashed Heils?

  • Michel Lavergne:

    I had to come back and watch that again :)
    At first I thought that it was out of control (Screw loose) :(
    Then I notice a lot of Sine functions in its motions ūüėģ
    Is it automatically controlled by a mathematical computer ?
    Or is it a model on a stick and string (producing the sine function) ??

  • Michel Lavergne:

    Amazing flying :) Or it is an awesome fake Video :)
    Thanks :)?

  • Derredmax:

    You need to get hold of Les Stroud, Cause he is looking for Bigfoot, That display of flying would draw him out of the bush with his jaw hanging down to his knee's in disbelief! All I can say is OMG that was friggen AWESOME! Sounds like one pissed off ¬†Bald Faced Hornet. on steroids………..And do you guys know what the dislikers are thinking? Nothing its impossible to think with shit for brains! Who it the hell wouldn't like this video??

  • hereiam2005:

    A couple of things:

    Structural strength scales with square of size, while weight scales with cube of size. A full size frame of Trex, without the engine, would weight a lot more.

    A turbine engine, complete with gear box and transmission system, is heavy. But the energy density of gasoline is very, very good. An electric engine is light, but the energy density of electric cells are not nearly as good. A helicopter with 15 minute of fly endurance is kind of worthless.?

  • Mike Day:

    Perhaps a screw has come loose?…..causing this…this whatever thing to careen wildly about in helter skelter fashion? Dear Lord! :)?

  • pasha grynyk:

    ? ???? ???????? ?????? ??? ?????????

  • sam3d:

    Holy wakamoly batman!!!?

  • jbish26:

    You'll probably never read this,but that is the sickest flight I've ever seen. You inspired me to learn to fly.if you don't know any better it looks cgi. My goal is to one day emulate the badness?

  • HeSavesMankind:

    wonder what kind of lifting capability your machine has. might need a stronger frame though?

  • TamiyaExperienced:

    All 700s are like this now with much smaller motors, this wasn't that incredible at the time either.?

  • Craig Hancock:

    Good lord, that motor is a freakin coke can?

  • Rich Morgenstein:

    7 grand later lolz!?

  • 1957user:

    How much have you invested to learn that? 1/2 million??

  • Saleem Khutaba:


  • Jeffrey Wong:

    when the heli pitches up and then down quickly it sounds like it's sneezing. XD

  • Royalchess1:

    I'd like to see what Piers Morgan says after just 10 seconds watching this flight! Seriously, I've seen ALOT of RC Heli's on YouTube but this is the most powerful, fastest, responsive, innovating RC copter I have ever seen! And you are the the BEST pilot I have ever seen!! You should install a camera on it…see what altitude you get…Then use it to mow your yard…Upside down in 3 minutes!! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! CONGRATS TO YOU!! This is military material!!

  • Matt Nalepa:

    nice to add a camera to this helicopter
    and see this evolutions from heli

  • ss1176:

    the 16 people that gave this video thumbs down…YOU People are pure, full blooded idiots who just suck!!!!!

  • Johnathan Mark Smith:

    any more tips for someone starting out?? I have a mac so its hard to find a sim?

  • G Bro:

    Thank you Freddy. If you have time could you please make a video on how to set up the Heli to start to fly 3D in Phoenix. I cant keep the Heli in the air trying to do Tic-Tocs.
    Please keep the video's coming. They really help.

  • Matei Morea:

    what is the name of the simulator?

  • Stephen Rumer:

    Very VERY informative for me, and im not exactly new to flying helicopters or multirotors… thank you! Ill be practicing all of your videos, and relearning the correct way:)?

  • theleabres:

    very useful for new RC heli pilots. thanks!?

  • Mauritz van den Heever:

    Very nice video thanks!?

  • Jeremy DRawyer:

    I would recommend using correct terms for a helicopter considering there are no ailerons or elevators on helicopters?

  • Jean Labrek:

    Good idea to show the radio in the corner of the screen __ great basic training __ Thanks?

  • impact lures:

    Just got Real Flight 7.5. This is such a big help. Thanks a bunch. Ernie?

  • scott firman:

    i just started flying helicopters. i have a SIM (phoenix ) and I quickly figured out what you have gone over. i wish I had seen this video first but hey. you did a great job on explaining things.?

  • scott firman:

    i just started flying helicopters. i have a SIM (phoenix ) and I quickly figured out what you have gone over. i wish I had seen this video first but hey. you did a great job on explaining things.?

  • Powell Scott:

    I just got the Phoenix Flight Sim to practice fixed wing 3D flying. Just for fun, I tried the heli sims and BOOM! instant respect for the guys at the field that make even these simple first moves look precise and graceful.

    But I like a challenge so I'm going to practice until I get I get it. Thanks for the help.?

  • sdssteward:

    Freddy, THANK YOU! I've been flying RCs for a few months. Still very much a beginner (but if you look at my videos, I'm growing pretty fast). I have my first helicopter and your video is exactly what I needed to get myself started. Question (and I don't know because I haven't maidened yet – as I still need a battery charger for the used helicopter I got): will your techniques be the same on a T-34 double blade? At least as far as basics with using the transmitter??

  • Nesvier Burgos:

    WoW!! Thanks Im very new I just got a Walkera V450D03 but I have yet to fly it. Im prepping myself with a WL911 micro. Then b4 that Im thinking about buying the TR-808 mini 3D or the WL977 Power Star to get in some practice b4 I try out my V450D03. Your video was very helpful. I can't wait to try my bigger one but know that I need to put in the time b4 I do. Thanks from a new pilot Nes.?

  • Benjamin Stephens:

    I have learned a lot from you Freddy! I will continue to watch you as I have for the last 3 years.?

  • jose Penate:

    i watched  your  videos,   before i   could   fly,  now  it  all makes sense,you hit   the  nail  dead  center, thanks  freddy.?

  • Ed Shapiro:

    Excellent video on lesson 1.  Well spoke and easy to understand.   Been doing 4 channel and anxious to step up to 6 ch cp.  Your Lesson 1 was great.  Can't wait for lesson 2?

  • Matthew B:

    what kind of transmitter do you use?

  • gumhead:

    Great info. Thanks for taking the time to make this vid!?

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