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test beewi helipad BBZ301

Petit test d’un gadget.

Hélicoptère commandé par une application android en bluetooth.
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AN-225 Taking off from Helipad!

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Helikopter Helipad Super RC Toys

Helikopter Helipad Super RC Toys
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Helicopter landing on helipad

Rc helicopter taking off from a small airport that me and my cousin built which took us about 25-30mins

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Are you sick of landing your RC helicopter on a CD case, mousepad, coffee table or other random objects?? It gets boring really fast.

Now you can land on the Eagle Pro Helipad with installed LED lights & fully customizable design decals.

The Eagle Pro Helipad takes RC flying to new levels and is a must for every RC helicopter enthusiast.

Are you up for the challenge?


4 x Bright LED lights installed for night flying. Have you ever flown your helicopter at night? You can now!


The 4 legs elevate the helipad just enough to keep your helicopter away from dirty or unsafe landings.


Connect as many helipads together as you like and make a giant helipad. They connect perfectly like lego.


Each helipads comes with over 30 decal stickers, allowing you to customize your helipad design.


The Eagle Pro Helipads makes a great display stand for your helicopter between flights. It will be the masterpiece of any bedroom.

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UAV Bits Helipad Unboxing & Assembly

UAV Bits Helipad Unboxing & Assembly

Drone Helipad Order & Info –

The is the new helipad from UAV Bits! This makes a great game, or just an optimal landing pad for a drone or other RC helicopters. The build quality is top-notch and the vented construction better prevents the landing pad from falling over, even during windy conditions. Want to add a touch of class to drone YouTube videos? Film while landing on this professionally-designed helipad for drones! Please share and be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel( and enjoy my other drone videos too! Filmed with Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder. Intro filmed with GoPro HERO4 Black camera. Audio recorded with Rode smartLav+ cavalier mic. Contains royalty-free music from YouTube Content Creator Audio Library.

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Red Bull stunt pilot lands plane on 700ft-high Burj Al Arab helipad

A Polish airline captain has pulled off a daredevil feat, landing a fixed-wing aircraft on a tiny helipad on the 56-storey Burj Al Arab tower in Dubai before taking off again.

After one failed approach, Lukasz Czepiela, a champion air racer, put down his Carbon Cub, a modern version of the 1940s single-engine Piper Cub, on the 78ft-wide platform and stopped just before the 700ft drop to the Gulf below.

As spectators cheered, Czepiela, 39, turned the plane for the shortest of take-off runs. He roared off the edge, diving towards the water to gain flying speed, then pulled out into a chandelle — a swooping aerobatic manoeuvre.

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RC Helicopter ? Remote control ||mini helicopter || #shorts #viralshorts #helicopter
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Dji phantom 4 helipad landing

Dji phantom 4 helipad landing

This is my Airwolf 450 helicopter’s helipad but I am using for landing practice with phantom 4.
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Oakland Home Roof Helipad – Sequoia House (Ca 1950's)

Ray Nichols of Oakland commutes to work by helicopter.
“Sequoia house”

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Helicopter Destroys Helipad

This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #99

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Short Runway –

Touch And Go –

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Flying Under A Bridge –

Snow Landing –

Plane Disappears –

Flying Close To Trees –

This is of course inspired by @Daily Dose Of Internet

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RC Helipad with LED lights

Here is my home made helipad.
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