Oakland Home Roof Helipad – Sequoia House (Ca 1950's)

Ray Nichols of Oakland commutes to work by helicopter.
“Sequoia house”

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3 Responses to “Oakland Home Roof Helipad – Sequoia House (Ca 1950's)”

  • Matt Chambers:

    To the trolls, every city fluctuates from good times to bad. The bad/depressed parts of Oakland are definitely improving. The good parts are getting very expensive.

    This house was not damaged by the '91 Oakland/Berkely Hills Fire (trolls: the fire was over 20 years ago, try to stay current). This home was recently restored and is quite a property. 

  • wiedep:

    best thing about oakland is leaving it…

  • Slingsby Twentyone:

    Once I owned a Hiller, but never this house …

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