Helicopter landing on helipad

Rc helicopter taking off from a small airport that me and my cousin built which took us about 25-30mins

If your interested in this Eagle Pro product you can find it here on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Remote-Control-Helicopter-Landing-Pad/dp/B00SAP2CBW

Also feel free to Check Out their main website here https://eagleprohelipad.com/

Are you sick of landing your RC helicopter on a CD case, mousepad, coffee table or other random objects?? It gets boring really fast.

Now you can land on the Eagle Pro Helipad with installed LED lights & fully customizable design decals.

The Eagle Pro Helipad takes RC flying to new levels and is a must for every RC helicopter enthusiast.

Are you up for the challenge?


4 x Bright LED lights installed for night flying. Have you ever flown your helicopter at night? You can now!


The 4 legs elevate the helipad just enough to keep your helicopter away from dirty or unsafe landings.


Connect as many helipads together as you like and make a giant helipad. They connect perfectly like lego.


Each helipads comes with over 30 decal stickers, allowing you to customize your helipad design.


The Eagle Pro Helipads makes a great display stand for your helicopter between flights. It will be the masterpiece of any bedroom.

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11 Responses to “Helicopter landing on helipad”

  • John Cuppi:

    Ah the eaglepro helipad. It’s a classic! ?

  • Anthony Theriault:

    Nice review, just got mine!

  • Champagne Sylvie - La vie en France:

    ?Hello Perth west oz rc ? I really like your lights, it's very beautifull to see, ans the helipad is samshing too. I have a dji spark and I use prop lights too. It's interesting to see others equipments. Tahnk you ?????

  • Ron Brown:

    Cool lights Dave. I could this landing pad if I decided to get into night flying. Good review and well presented.


    I see my number 1 fan is follow you too. Lol Very cool video brother, perfect quads to use for the demo review brother. Cheers

  • Drone Lovers FPV:

    This vid could be the camercial fot the pad, so well made Dave… Great work brother, loved it…

  • Fun Factor RC:

    Man that is bright! These two were made for night flying . This is like a club light show

  • RDs RC Reviews & Car Mods:

    Awesome video David!! Love the nighttime footage. I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to open up mine but I'll do that soon and use it in one of my reviews.

  • Canadian Drone Hub:

    Not bad at all nice  video

  • birdman316 :

    nice setup!
    lightshow city lol!

  • Wray Smith:

    well i can say i have never seen any thing like this before pretty cool , i have a feeling these should sell pretty good , 2 thumbs up

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