Blade 300X Raw Uncut Flight With Hands Free Inverted Flying

This is a 4 minute flight of the Blade 300X helicopter showing what it can do in the hands of an intermediate helicopter pilot. In the video I will loop, roll, rainbow, and show inverted hovering HANDS FREE. This goes to show how stable this helicopter is.

There was an addendum when I first bought this heli that wanted you to hold the throttle curves to 75%, but it was because HH released the darn thing with wooden blades. If you upgrade to the carbon fiber blades then you can set the pitch curves to 100% with no problems.


Great Heli
Beast X Technology


Carbon Fiber Blades not included
Extra Battery Price from HH is expensive

Final Thoughts:

A true winner and must have for heli enthusiasts.

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Eric Jordon

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13 Responses to “Blade 300X Raw Uncut Flight With Hands Free Inverted Flying”

  • Joselito Valenzuela:

    is it easy to hover off the ground?

  • Darren Little:

    just looked at this again, seems like ages ago now, loved this vid. I remember i bought this the day after seeing this video.

  • liwanu 00:

    this guys is awesome!i want to buy this helikopter it flies very stabiel and smooth..greet Job sir 🙂

  • Erik Butler:

    With a cp Heli do you have the throttle in the transmitter spring back to center or is it loose like flying an airplane?

  • Jake Sanders:

    Hi I had this for a year and I really liked it. Now I have the 300cfx

  • Shottix Marcus:

    Great video mate, im starting out with the blade 200 sxr for starters, will upgrade to this after a few months, is it easy to upgrade the control sencitivity?

  • Manny C:

    Nice video, great flying, 

  • Frank R. Pilot:

    Your wife's voice its so nice, let us hear she more time corse with all respect.

  • Michael Wittmann:

    Your wife is well trained. You must be the wife whisperer.

  • Jeremy D:

    That one looks GREAT. Your camerawoman is great too. We don't always realize how hard it is to film something we don't know which direction it will go next. My lady had a hard time filming my flying aerobatic planes, and they can't change directions NEARLY as fast as the 3D helis. Try coaching her on what you're going to do before the video. I heard you did some of that during the video, but you've got to use layman's terms. I didn't know what the hell a rainbow was until just now either. 😉

  • Zack Draper:

    What kind of dye did you use RIT? Looks really sharp btw

  • Richard de Bruyn:

    Very Nice heli and its flying great.but i had to trim a lot out of the box

  • Discover RC:

    Great flying! I am just hovering the 300x-really cool to see what it can do!

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