Giant K-Max RC Turbine Scale Flettner Rotor Model Helicopter

RC Model Show Seewen Switzerland at the Lake Lauerzer
Very nice RC Scale K-max ROTEX Kaman 1200 Turbine Model Helicopter with a flettner Rotor system that made the Tail-rotor superfluous, special Sound/Musik inside the K-max, enjoy it.

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12 Responses to “Giant K-Max RC Turbine Scale Flettner Rotor Model Helicopter”

  • sLyKnEzZ:

    That thing is awesome! Very well built too. I didn’t see anything shake when he was ramping up the engine to get the rotors spinning at all.

  • Massimo Tronci:

    Certo che nell'aeromodellismo si è raggiunto un livello di perfezione esagerato!
    Mi sapete indicare il video di qualche modello bi turboprop aircraft?

  • thomas lessing:

    einfach super aufgebaut ,würde gern wissen wie das mit den rotorgetriebe gelaufen ist,selbstbau sicher ich würde flendern fl 282 kolibri aufbauen im massstab 1:10 rumpf länge so um 62cm

  • Barry Winslow:

    Fantastic ship….well done.

  • JAPAN19:

    Hay ????

  • GuizinN FF:

    Helicóptero dengue

  • unblockme:

    At the start, Why the music box???

  • Dzamora:


  • Dèvèn:

    I've always thought of a design like this, with more blades though. Then I realized that this is crazy dangerous and a strong enough wind or turn flexing the blades could send you into mother nature's sweet embrace, 7000 feet below.

  • Yurij Nagagov:

    All nice mechanics wise, but the bird only resembles a k-max. It’s not a scale k-max 1200 at all. The shape is way off… like building it from memory… never looking at an actual photo.

  • ???? ?????:

    Nice left…no emmor effect…or nice balance…lovely concept..

  • toxaq:

    Just looked up flettner rotors and they appear to be based on magnus effect, so cylindrical drums. These are just intermeshing rotors?

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