RC Micro Helicopter – eFlight Blade mCX

Ultra-micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying Innovative airframe design and electronic components offer incredible durability and precise control for excellent manueverability Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design for unsurpassed stability and ease of flight 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ technology, digital trims and dual rates Factory-installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 compatible receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer, gyro and fully proportional servos
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This is the sweet 2.4 ghz Walkera 4#3B palm Sized RC helicopter! This is the TINY helicopter that thinks it’s HUGE! Packs the performance and stability of it’s much larger brothers! Check it out at www.bananahobby.com!


42 Responses to “RC Micro Helicopter – eFlight Blade mCX”

  • superWOLVESFC:

    COOL im getting one in a couple of days

  • madrx2:

    very cute

  • lilsweetfeetbro:

    @Xxrandomk1dxX there not good outside i red the box the heli including the battery it said was 1 oz so it will get blown everywhere

  • lilsweetfeetbro:

    @miniamp117 i bought mine 4 $107 including tax

  • lilsweetfeetbro:

    i have the same one they are durable…until you ron in to a metal pole i broke the thing that holds the balancer in place if i can get some extra money im going to replace it

  • Undertaker9503:

    how high can it go???

  • miniamp117:

    @CarrollSoccerManniac eh not really i wouldnt really know
    my dad got it for me for a cristmass present
    i think it was 100 something, there really fun an you learn to adapt to them really fast. i recamend it even though i dont really fly it anymore

  • CarrollSoccerManniac:

    @miniamp117 are they cheap?

  • miksta115:

    Your House is great for the mcx!!!

  • bruiserbrown9258:

    god i have one and i love the thing to death but something happened to my mother board and when im flying the little red LED shuts off and i loose complete control and it goes crazy and it seems every time i touch the motherboard the LED turns back on but then shuts off immedietly

  • nickbryan96:

    COOL!!! I have one… its so simple and easy to fly… but the fly time is 5-8 min… :(

  • IISBV:

    Nice home mate :)

  • morningglory313:

    i got one there sooo easy to fly and learn with i can hoon this thing around the house with ease ive also got the MSR that im not finding so easy i am battering it :(

  • 3all0000sha:

    this one looks so tall to me, i got a big one and its still shorter than this.

  • paddywagons104:

    wow your good i just got one and im trying to get the
    hang of it, i just keep crashing so far ,

  • 99gizmoiscool99:

    @RCMan190 actually there is other helicopters that are like that on the market they also have more stability it can fly longer than eight minutes and is made out of metal any questions ask me

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    What kind of cam are you using? Good angle, good shooting. Keep up the good work! 5 stars

  • youmjx42:

    Finally. Someone that puts a great song in a youtube video. So sick of all the dick-cheese boy rock songs on youtube. Can’t go wrong with Ozzy. Well done. Cool helicopter too.

  • bobmaxiao:

    what is the control range of the radio

  • Xxrandomk1dxX:

    @RCMan190 thanx m8 :-) , i dunno whether to get of these babies or the blade CX3? please help! also are these any good outside, cheers.

  • RockzoPhD:

    @SuperChrisjunior lol same happened to me

  • Aboodikillakali:

    is this 4 channels?

  • rcrules1:

    Mine will be flying just fine then spin out of control and I will not be able to trim it back for normal flight is it my gyro or my tail motor and it will hardly stay in trim

  • b3nighted:

    @smeelokilo there’s one called a 4g3 which is only slightly bigger but does 3d.

  • huabtais999:

    did anyone know what wrong if you 4 3b don’t lift off the ground even if you full throttle?

  • SEz610i:

    hey, this palm size heli can fly outdoor? i own a lama v4 but it fly like shit outdoors, if this palm size heli can make it outdoor, i gonna grab 1 from banana hobby…….

  • smeelokilo:

    Now if only it was 3D

  • hacked10109090:

    haha nice choppers but i got a 1.5 meter chopper

  • 2cold88:

    the ting tings – shut up and let me go

  • bullking1:

    can anone tell me background track please.. i need it.
    BTW i luv this heli.. too

  • MrForever23:

    Excuse me banana-hobby or anyone willing to give advice , but which one is better Lama 2-1 (metal edition) or 4-3b (standard edition)?
    because i heard that the tail rotor on the 4-3b can sometimes not grip very well or come off and on the lama 2-1 the motors can burn out. So which is better and are there other pro’s or con’s about these helicopters?

  • johninator95:

    i want one!

  • eqtworld:

    I love Bananahobby!

    I got my order quickly and everything was greet quality’!

    I’m getting another big order ready right now!

  • sdavies5433:

    BANANAHOBBY SUCKS!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM…unless you want slow shipping, NO RESPOSE at all, horrible service, and poor quality goods!

  • decader412:

    what helicopter would be good for a beginner?

  • helicopterpilot1111:

    is it also small?

  • Live2Fly94:

    Are you guys going to be getting the CB100, with the 45 degree fly bar?
    I just ordered one.

  • bananahobby:

    Thanks for the comment!

  • bananahobby:

    Thanks for the information!

  • bananahobby:


  • bananahobby:

    The 4G3 is a collective pitch helicopter and is aerobatic.

  • bananahobby:

    There are many options on our site!

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