E-flite Eflite Blade MCX S300 Micro RC Helicopter

A flight demonstration of the new MCX S300 Micro RC Helicopter. A new edition to the Blade MCX family available at www.redrockethobbies.com
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21 Responses to “E-flite Eflite Blade MCX S300 Micro RC Helicopter”

  • bakonlicious:

    What is the difference between this heli an the regular mcx


    how much flight time can you get on a single charge?

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    Hey this video was really great. Keep up the good work!

  • CGVETful:

    I have the exact same thing

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    Really great stuff , I like the vid. keep up the great work, 5 stars

  • niterazor:

    nice video
    – got one of these S300’s recently and it’s a great flier… smooth as silk

  • Tylerunderfire:

    i got one yesterday and its fairly easy to fly, its a good thing the blades on this heli are stronger than most helis i flew, i crashed it about 5 times or so, blades bairly chipped… it comes with 4 extra blades anyways

  • marksickmiller:

    got one of these, love it. nice video

  • nhlweirdal:

    i bought this for 100$ and it breaks so easily.
    its not worth it

  • rumrum88:

    The white is a bit faster and a bit more stable.

  • rumrum88:

    8-12 minutes. 20-25 minutes recharge.

  • jozzwe:

    what is the batteries flight/loading time?

  • bnslundy:

    @xCrunchyxFrogx you can also try the walkera 4#3b/a

  • patrickfight1:

    take a look at the Blade msr by eflite

  • tommy247ps3:


  • Casman011:

    Yeah it does got one yesterday AND LOVE IT

  • parkzonecorsairtips:

    does this heli com with a extra white upper and lower set of blades?

  • MarioIArguello:

    Eflite does not make an S300 convertion but you can purchase one from MIA Micro Flight complete with more scale and durable parts. See my videos I have a couple of them there already.

  • xCrunchyxFrogx:

    Is there a real difference between this one and the original Blade mcx? Obviously looks are different, what I’d like to know is if there’s a difference in flight characteristics. I was really hooked on buying the yellow one but the guy at the hobby store told me the white one flies faster and better. So I’m kinda confused now.
    I was also looking at the Novus CX, haven’t seen that heli before, but it also looks like it flies nicely.
    I’m an experienced CP Pilot looking for a lil bit of indoor fun.

  • Drgandulf:

    If you are serious about flying helicopters, then I would recommend that you think about moving on to a collective pitch helicopter. These are MUCH more difficult to fly but also incredibly satisfying when you master the art! I have quite a large fleet now (11 Heli’s!). Checkout my videos to see my Blade CX, Blade CX2, T-Rex 500, T-Rex 250, Honeybee King II and Thundertiger Raptor 3! I no longer have the Innovator but would recommend this as a next move if you can afford it… Happy flying!

  • echrisingerdc:

    now it doesn’t really matter, because i upgraded to a white chassis and a white tail thingy, don’t know what its called (there isn’t a rotor its a triangle), white wings, with new decals, and i got another charger and 2 new heli batteries so i can just charge while i fly and never have to take a break

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