RC 450 Helicopter Setup Unique Swash Plate Leveling Tool

Setup Storm 450 after a crash using unique swashplate tool you are now able to level the swashplate without removing the head.


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  • teamscreem:

    I do not eyeball and adjust linkage lengths to initially get swash close to level as you do when you level SP by hand and then subtrim, you should consider doing exactly the opposite. You should make sure all the linkages are the same and level the swash plate with the servo sub trims, with all linkages exactly the same length will insure that you have perfect mechanical geometries and all servo arms will be 90 degrees.

  • smattext:

    wow! this was really helpful thank you!!

  • Michael Bingham:

    I have this storm 450 heli with new main shaft and main blades but it wont fly or take off not even at full throttle not sure what to do. Any help would be awesome thanks guys mike

  • Alex Andreoy:


  • Nicole :):

    If your main shaft was bent at 90 degrees, you'll be replacing more than the main shaft. That would tear up the entire head, strip out your main gear and render your blade effectively dead from a balance standpoint.

  • Nicole :):

    Technically, if a main shaft is bent below the swash, you will indeed have an issue. But if that were the case, the heli would shake so bad, you wouldn't be worrying about the swash until the main shaft was replaced. A bent main above the swash is irrelevant like RcStorm said.

    I like that leveling tool. The issue I would have is having a way to make sure the airframe is exactly level, so I know the swash reading is true.

    If not, you'll have the same issue as a boom that isn't level.

  • Storm 450:

    Your Storm 450 and Transmitter should have been factory setup before you received it, Idle up normally disabled for safety, to check your swashplate unplug the ESC, then turn on the transmitter and finally plug in your battery, follow the video step by step instructions, the rest is just practice then more practice until you gain confidence, good luck.

  • Richard Walker:

    Rc need help in setting up my transmitter from scratch. I haven't found any videos on this. Swash plate does not look to level will be setting this when tools come in. Just purchased storm 450 love it. Had some problems trying to fly didn't try a lot with it didn't want to destory it yet lol.Would really like to learn how to setup transmitter from scratch. do u know of a step by step by step video an also how to setup switches. thanks

  • Blaine P.:

    I'm sorry but you are mistaken. Think of it this way, if you place your model on a 10 degree slope and level the swashplate using the control links and your method, do you still think it will work? The swash will be 10 degrees crooked. Try it and post the flight video here. It has everything to do with the rotational plane of the main shaft. Also, in my OP, plumb does not mean straight; never has. Plumb means parallel to the gravitational field or square to level.

  • Storm 450:

    The main shaft has nothing to do with levelling the swashplate, sure the main shaft has to be straight, rolling on a mirror to confirm, if the swashplate is as you put it is level to earth it will be square, forget the main shaft and concentrate in the swashplate get this level and you will fly.

  • Blaine P.:

    The problem with this method is that it is assuming that the main shaft is perfectly plumb. When we say leveling the swashplate, it doesn't mean actually "level" but that the swashplate is perfectly square to the main shaft around the entire shaft. If you use this method and the model (and thus main shaft) is not level and true, the swashplate may be level to the earth but it still won't be square to the main shaft and you will have problems.

  • Todd Burse:

    I just changed the main shaft yesterday and the feathering shaft, and today i went out to test it, as i was spining it up it started to shake like crazy and just went dead. when i picked it up and and gave a look the main shaft was bent at almost a 90 degree angle. WTH ???? it still starts but i have to change the main shaft again. the one i put on was brand new right out of the box.

  • Storm 450:

    So pleased you liked my video, your vibration is probably a balance issue, spin up without main blades and flybar, to see if there is no vibration put flybar back on and check, if it is the main blades, they will need balancing and trimming.

  • Todd Burse:

    That video was awesome I love my storm 450 but i have a vibration problem i cant figure out. I changed feathering shaft, main shaft and bearings in the blocks and still got a wicked vibration.

  • Storm 450:

    If you search ACRYLIC SPIRIT LEVEL BUBBLES these will be the same as in the video and yes they do come in packes. Keep me in touch how you get on.

  • Storm 450:

    Thank you for your comments and pleased you found this video helpful, you can order Large Circlips from Ebay. Size 47mm / 1.850’’ or from a 50cc 2-stroke motor.

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