How to Completely Setup A CCPM Helicopter DX6i & OrangeRX

Hello everyone, I thought that I would make a video, that from start to finish, explains what you need to do in order to get a heli up in the air.

In this video, I started with my Dynam E-Razor 450 RTF with the FM radio. It’s just me, but I don’t like FM, but it was the only thing they had at the time when I purchased this heli. So, what better platform to test this on, right?

I started with taking the old Rx out of the heli, and plugging in all of the servos into the new Rx. In the video I also explain how to bind the DX6i, and how to setup all of the servos so that you get the proper pitch and throw out of the blades.

I also go through other setups like the throttle and pitch curves that I use, and D/R and Expo settings as well. In the end of the video, after all the other setup is done, I take it outside, and setup the gyro and tail. After just a few flights, this thing is rock solid. One thing that I overlooked, but noticed after shooting the video is the servo arm on the elevator servo. The ball is closer to teh center of the servo than the other two servos. This caused it to not have as much travel, and was the reason it wanted to pitch forward with the more throttle I gave it. This was just an oversite on my part, but has now been fixed.

I decided that instead of breaking this up into multiple videos, I would just to this in one video and call it done. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing your comments.

As always, thanks for watching, and please subscribe.

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12 Responses to “How to Completely Setup A CCPM Helicopter DX6i & OrangeRX”

  • Olivere Arthur:

    Watched this video over and over to setup my heli.
    you never mentioned that the servo centering should have been done at mid stick.
    Have to start all over again but, outside of that, great videos you made.

  • Henry Prather:

    It it nice that you put videos, at the speed you talk about flying a helo have you any videos about how to do everything with flying for someone that never has owned, flew,built a large helocopter?

  • A deer in headlights:

    Such an awesome set up series ?

  • Steve Harris:

    9 years on and still relevant – esp to a 64 yr old beginner like me! Really liked your enthusiasm and explanations

  • Scott Moore:

    408 449 7109

  • Scott Moore:

    Very good . where are you located? im in san jose CA. I could really use a contact like you. Ive got e razor 450, 230V2, 330x, 360cfx, and align pro 500dfc. I wreck just about every flight. Your vidio may fix that hopefully. There's nobody around here ive found who knows jack sht about thee
    Products they sell. Its just like here you go your on your own. Go for it. 100 bucks a second and away i go

  • marty mcqueen:

    Great tip on the D/R COMBO.
    Made my life a little easier 🙂


    Thanks for the video how did you get lights on you dx6i above the strap clip

  • Michael Bowpitt:

    Hi mate just a quick question when I tilt my 500 to the right-hand site should my squash play move to the left cheers

  • Bill Roland:

    Oops! you didn't say to set up the blade pitch from the side. I've been trying to do it from the tail.

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme:

    I had no idea Dynam produced a Helicopter. Wow! Most guys swore by the DX6i as a helicopter transmitter. I have a nitro heli from Kyosho but It came with a Futaba radio and receiver stock from the factory. I may switch out the receiver. The DX6i is more than adequate to fly up to 4 miles. at least thats what I was told.

  • Devin Stratton:

    Don’t set EPA on rudder channel to try and prevent binding. You MUST set that on your gyro pot, or in the gyro programming. EPA on rudder channel controls how fast the Heli spins in one direction or the other.

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