Overview of Micro Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters (9958, v911 & msrx)

A quick discussion on three different commonly used micro fixed pitch RC helicopters – the Blade MSRX, the Xieda 9958, and the WL Toys v911.
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3 Responses to “Overview of Micro Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters (9958, v911 & msrx)”

  • Sherman Joseph:

    Thank you so much, a lot of great information to help in the selection of a micro helicopter.

  • henrisj:

    I find a lot of useless videos on YT, but this was NOT one of those!  Thank you for getting right to the point and highlighting useful info only.  I haven't looked yet, but if you have a video describing the various transmitter options for the heli's (besides the two mentioned) that would be very helpful too.  Already had a v911 version 1 and loved it except the battery connection and landing gear weak point, thus reason for v2. :)  Eventually it lost connectivity…don't know why, but it's just sitting in my desk drawer.  Any common issues that come to mind which would cause that?  Whatever the reason probably just cheaper and less hassle to buy a new heli, but I never like leaving a problem undiagnosed if ya know what I mean.  Thx.

  • Raul Brown:

    Im farely new to this hobbie, ive been spending lots of money on all different helis, I feel like im not improving and im geting very discouraged, need some help.I recently purchased a fly sky transmitter and cant bind it to any heli . Please help! Thank you

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