RC Helicopter Blade Pitch Setup Explanation

An additional video to help explain how the height of the swash affects the pitch range you get and how moving the swashplate in the direction of the larger pitch movement and resetting for zero pitch will cure the problem.
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5 Responses to “RC Helicopter Blade Pitch Setup Explanation”

  • arnel amoguis:

    Can you help me..my v911s helicopter hard to pitch.please

  • Aka George:

    Hallo there, So I should set up my pitch at mid stick?

  • Jeff Ehrmann:

    Finally a video that explains it in a way that makes sense! Thank you.

  • Andy W:

    I'm new to RC helicopter flying and this video has helped me get a better understanding of the relationship between the rotor head and the blade pitch. Thank you.

  • Painless360:

    Ben, thanks for the comment. Do you mean show a graphic of the servo horn by the side to show the movmement as the throttle moves?

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