FP100 Fixed Pitch micro heli

A great Fixed pitch 4channel micro helicopter
Easy flier. Great for indoors even better outdoors
2 Flight modes to take on stronger winds and aggressive flying
2.4GHz 4ch Radio with Digital Trims
Comes with 2 x 120mAh batteries and a dual USB charger. Flies 6-8 minutes on battery. Can also charge from Transmitter pack.


5 Responses to “FP100 Fixed Pitch micro heli”

  • jeremysanmarie:

    Toilet bowl effect – google it

  • telj1:

    Thank you for the info. I've actually had what you're referring to happen. I thought that was the issue again but I checked everything and still no luck. I'm trying to get a replacement now but it's a hassle dealing with their customer service reps.

  • Mike Vos:

    Check that the pin holding the flybar to the main shaft is secure. I lost mine once. could save the heli and replaced the pin.
    Also make sure the heli stands on firm stable platform when you initialize (switch on radio) to ensure the gyro zero correctly. (else switch radio off and back on when heli is stable)

  • telj1:

    Only had mine for about a week. Last time I flew everything was okay and had no crashes. The next time I went to fly, something wasn't right. It now slowly goes out of control like its trimming itself. Any ideas?????

  • Mike Vos:

    Also see my updated video on this micro Heli for the speed and agility…

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