micro heli battery disconnection during flight, and repair

I was filming a flight of my ecoman microgear Schweitzer helicopter when it fell out of the sky after loosing power, when I opened up the canopy I noticed the negative battery wire had disconnected from its solder point. Fortunately I was able to re solder it. This was my first time to ever solder anything so it wasn’t pretty but it works. After the battery was re soldered, everything works just fine.
I have had two Styrofoam body picoo z helicopters from silverlit and neither worked as well as my ecoman microgear heli, Even though it has had problems they wear all fixable. Silverlit should really do a plastic body version of the picoo z, it would make it a lot easier for people to work on.

to download the apache canopy printable templates follow these links.

Apache canopy green

apache canopy desert
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  • Jairo Anaya:

    oye amigo una pregunta. a mi se me perdió el control de un helicoptero pequeño y no lo he podido volar usted que dice se puede manejar con otro control ??

  • MollyTalenter:

    can you upload some how to fix the button start cause when i press on and the button is comes of and i lost it and now i cant play this anymore cause its broken??

  • Riswan Irama:


  • Jhebert Dela Cruz:

    1:21 nice sound you're saying. :)?

  • Jhebert Dela Cruz:

    (only 1)?

  • Jhebert Dela Cruz:

    0:01 choose 2 of that helis and….. which of them?
    and fly.?

  • X-FLIGHT101:

    Ever heard of horizon hobby??

  • Jay Perez:

    Cristionspace1 ===/ if you get this message then you are good to go ok look at the back tail rotor and see closely if there is hair in it or probably you messed up the back I dont know but … thanks for the video man I am also a heli guy bye?

  • patrick langdon:

    Mad props for saving that 25 bucks…. you sure did get ur monies worth out of this product 😉 ?

  • R/C 101:

    Wow do you mean like an original foam picoo Z from 6 or 7 years ago. It's battery may be long past being able to hold a good charge. I have a few helis that are more then 5 years old that will not charge because of old age.

  • C119G:

    I have a Picoo z that won't charge up at all any ideas?

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