What size mini quadcopter battery should you use?

What size mini quadcopter battery should you use?

Having built a racing FPV mini quadcopter or drone, as the media call them, the next big question will probably be: “which lipo (lithium polymer) battery should I be using?”. In this video I talk about the options and discuss the importance of the battery’s C rating.
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Holy Stone’s new F180C Mini Quadcopter with Video/ Still Camera.
Here’s another awesome flying quadcopter from Holy Stone. 4 different flying modes from 25% to 100%. Even at 25% this mini quadcopter cruises along pretty good. This mini has a “headless return home” mode, not to be confused with headless mode. “Headless return home” mode will make the quadcopter shoot back to you (the transmitter), however, you must control what altitude it is once it gets back to you. This has saved me when the wind has been too powerful and has tried to sweep the quadcopter away. Anyway, a fun flyer and a great price… and it has a camera!
Get one here on Amazon: http://goo.gl/QT5LVf
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