How to fly rc heli // 4 Step tutorial Real Flight 7.5

in this video i will show you how to “fly” an rc heli after learning hovering. just practice this steps and you will be able to fly soon 😉 enjoy!

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4 Responses to “How to fly rc heli // 4 Step tutorial Real Flight 7.5”

  • Tony DeFreecee:

    Ah… good training technique… This should help me a lot!!! Thanks!!! : )

  • Gary Vale:

    I have RF 7.5 also and trying to learn to fly a heli….can you tell me what model this is, as I am trying to find a good stable RF 7.5 model to learn with….thanks…

  • trexinvert:

    Hey NOOBS. With Realflight checkout the heli hovering training. Go to menu "training". Then look at your option "controls". You can shut off different control functions on your TX. This is how I learned to fly. Just throttle. Then just rudder. Then rudder + throttle. Then elevator only. Then aileron only……etc…. I probably wasn't able to go to full(throttle, rudder, elevator and aileron) control until a few weeks later. (why does nobody mention this? Ever?…okay, sorry had to rant) So, then as I got better added wind. Then later tweaked with the physics setting. Make's everything harder!!! Why? Do you need to ask? Now it's always at 150% physics. I also learned to do piroflips by changing physics to 25% and slowly back up to 150%. You can "figure out" maneuvers at super slomo. Only way. Keep on.

  • Sauli Kamppari:

    Good instructions but as a noobie heli pilot I believe I need a lot of time to master even these basic manoeuvres.

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