Pandora Warrior Gunship RC Helicopter Flight Review

Here is the flight review of the new Walkera Pandora Warrior RC Gunship Helicopter that you all have been waiting for. You can see the heli in short flight review, its performance and my honest conclusion at the end of the video.

The Pandora Warrior is a great concept Sci-fi helicopter, and is one of my best favorite helis. but its not science fiction and or a concept anymore. I have already introduced a helicopter based on this type of concept before and that was simply one hell of great RC helicopter to fly and was totally worthy every penny. After that, the project discontinued and we thought no one wanna pick it up. However Walkera steps up once again and takes this brave step to introduce a RC Helicopter based on the concept helicopter Avatar Movie Pandora Warrior and releases a Commercialized RC version.

I am lucky to have put my hands on it and am the very first one in this world to have it and review it.

Walkera sure has put a lot of work into scaled details and offers a great looking scaled replica of Pandora warrior. But the questions are, is it good? Is is bad? Is it worth buying? Does it fly well? Can it carry a camera? Well all these questions and much more will be answered in coming up reviews of Avatar Pandora Warrior RC Helicopter Review by AliShanMao. Subscribe to my channel and do not miss it.

And yes, I have paid in full from my pocket to buy this Expensive sample. I therefore will make sure to bring an unbiased and honest review of this helicopter.

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