GAUI X7 3D Electric Helicopter

Gaui X7 FES – Here is a stunning Video of Peter F showing his brand new Gaui X7 3D RC Helicopter at NHMC Kumeu. Excellent outline and the quality of this Heli are evident in this video. Check out the close ups and near miss which was brilliantly saved. Equipment and specs used are shown at the end of this video.


4 Responses to “GAUI X7 3D Electric Helicopter”

  • mrkd283:

    I should not watch videos like this! I already have a expensive hobby that I will never stop but getting a mini chopper may be a start. Epic video by the way!!!

  • Dave Thompson:

    Ohhhhh……that was close!
    cool vid:)

  • h20boynz:

    Nice work…some real production values coming in there! :)

  • nzkiwimonster:

    Thanks Clayton good job, not sure about the Music, showing our age:-) I'll blame the wind for the near miss, and my fear of crashing my new baby for the granddad flying. Huge thanks to Hobbycity for all their help too, awesome heli!!

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