Helicampro UAV helicopter with mp2128heli autopilot

This is a Helicampro custom UAVs helicopter equipped with mp2128heli autopilot from Micropilot. It performs a full autonomous flight, with no interruption, from take off to landing. The pilot that can be seen sometimes is there only for safety purposes, since in any moment (as long as the helicopter is not too far to clearly see it) he can take back the control and pilot via normal RC input.
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  • Elvanto yanuar ikhsan:

    We also use micropilot mp2128heli, but the vibration is very high and cause the IMU to be saturated. Could you give me suggestion how to overcome the vibration? Thanks in advance. By the way you have a very nice set up and the controller is quite robust. Do you use PID controller or others control technique?

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