VAutodrive Airplane and Helicopter Autopilot Demonstration

VAutodrive Airplane and Helicopter Autopilot Demonstration

New since VAutodrive V6.0.0: Airplane autopilot
This is a little demonstration of this new feature and it also utilizes the new approach points and helipad blips for high precision helicopter landing.
Download mod at
What you see at the end of this video is my new (not yet released) Safehouse teleporter mod.


8 Responses to “VAutodrive Airplane and Helicopter Autopilot Demonstration”

  • Diego Games:

    How do I get a private driver for the helicopter?

  • Diego Games:

    How do I open the menu, when I try to do what it says it opens the interaction menu…

  • Spencer VanOchten:

    can you like update your mods once a year


    Ist das nur für den Offline Mode gedacht, oder geht das auch z.B. mit RageMP :)?

  • Zt:

    how do you switch seats?

  • Auggie Whitman:

    IS there a way to fine tune the landing at all?

  • Osmone Everony:

    At the dude whose name sounds like Mastare Kalk: I can't directly reply to you because YouTube does not recognize the second letter in your first name. So my reply to you is here.
    People have asked for a lot of things over the time. So it has become a bit complex, which is just natural. I can't make it right for everyone. The NativeUI.dll for example is responsible for the in-game configuration menu. I have implemented this for more user-convenience. Do you rather want to edit the XML configuration file by hand? Feel free to do so and if you never use an in-game menu of ANY other mod then you can skip the installation of NativeUI.dll.
    What about the VCommonFunctions.dll? This library contains all functions commonly used by all of my other mods as well. So it was a design decision. Either have a lot of redundant code and hence bloat memory or have everything common in one centralized place and save memory and development time. Of course the latter is better, don't you think?

  • jq ue ar y:

    can you make a video of how to install it

    just askin

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