Blade 70 S RTF

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The Blade 70 S is the perfect indoor ultra-micro heli for beginner pilots looking to hone their skills. Right out of the box, pilots are presented with a complete heli package and the ability to take their skills to the next level. Equipped with SAFE Technology, the fixed-pitch flybarless design offers unmatched stability. The direct-drive tail motor and carbon fiber tail boom keeps the heli firmly locked-in while the 1S 150mAh battery and brushed motors provide power and throttle response for an impressive control feel. The low part count makes repairs quick and simple. Plus, all the electronics are contained by an extremely durable composite plastic frame, making bumps and crashes stress-free. Bring RC heli fun indoors with the tough and easy-to-fly 70 S!

– SAFE® Technology:
The 70 S is equipped with SAFE Technology that provides renowned self-leveling and bank angle limits that make this heli extremely easy to fly. The stability SAFE technology provides is perfect for those getting a feel for flying a helicopter and learning orientation maneuvers. High and Low rate modes control speed and agility to fit your flying style and environment.

– Ready-To-Fly:
Everything you need to get in the air is included right in the box. This includes the 70 S, 2.4GHz transmitter, flight battery and charger.

– Indoor:
The small size of the 70 S makes flying indoors comfortable, and a lot of fun. Stable and easily controllable, this heli is right at home even in smaller rooms.

– Fixed-Pitch:
Fixed pitch rotor blades provide ample thrust that’s not intimidating, even for first-time pilots. Flybarless head design offers a higher level of mechanical efficiency as well as a lower parts count which makes helicopter maintenance simpler.

– Durable:
A unique form factor houses the swashplate and linear servos low and protected in the frame, shielding it from bumps and crashes. Lightweight, impact-resistant frame and carbon fiber tail boom take this durability even further. Low part count makes maintenance easy.

– Vivid Colors:
The vibrant, high contrast yellow canopy and tail fin make it easy to maintain orientation. LED indicators shine through under the canopy showing low battery and other indicators.

– What’s in the box?
(1) Blade 70 S RTF Helicopter
(1) 2.4GHz Transmitter
(1) 1S 150 mAh Battery
(1) USB Charger
(1) User Manual

– Needed to Complete:
Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.

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In tis video we talk through 5 basic ways you can control the feel of your rc helicopter and make it easier to fly when you’re learning.

Tareq Alsaadi – Hands off:
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23 Responses to “Blade 70 S RTF”

  • Purple Furture:

    What is the next level if i want more harder than this?

  • IBB4U1:

    Just got mine, had it out today if I hold full front stick for more then 2 seconds it pitches back and starts the toilet bowl effect I'll call Horizon Hobby see what they say.

  • Michael Brown:

    Second flight, about 20 minutes out of the box, crashed, and broke the body post linkage to the servo. The little figure 8 plastic bit. With no spares included, I'm grounded until a replacement arrives.

  • Robert Truesdell:

    Can you turn off the auto lvl feature

  • Thomas Baumann:

    very nice Helikopter???

  • Shaka Zulu:

    Horizon hobby suuuucks so damn bad, everything is so damn complicated. ????????

  • Rob DeLeon:

    What are the major differences between this Heli and my old MSR Besides being flybar less?

  • Damon0306:

    Great little helicopter, liked so much that I purchased a second one!

  • Luke AtThat:

    Nice demo!

  • Jon Spikes:

    I love this little heli.Just bought a blade 200s had it for about two weeks now i just ordered a Blade 230 sv 2 Blade helis rock keep up the WORK fellas!!!

  • Jon Spikes:

    I just recieved one of these hellis and i don't see why it's so difficult to put the canopy on this lil helli.

  • bobbymalta73:

    What You recomend for a Beginner-Blade 70 S RTF or Nano CP S RTF? Thks for sharing Mate!

  • RCshenanigans:

    I just purchased this. It is my first helicopter. My biggest complaint is, could you make it any harder to get the canopy on? The owner of the hobby shop that I purchased it from even struggled getting the mounting pins to line up with the holes in the canopy.

  • Davy Arthurs:

    Any idea on a shipping date for UK Customers?

  • Robert S Tiest:

    Love the color scheme on it~!

  • philippelejeune1:

    I agree with Tim, this is the first easy to understand video on D/R and Expo settings for beginners! Thank you!

  • alex robertson:

    just an FYI you can mechanically adjust the stick tension etc to your liking.

  • eric coker:

    Another "must read" !!! I got my 230s Smart in a good place with both mechanical setup and calibration. Basic tuning with very little done has made it predictable and solid.
    My 150s Smart is almost there too, just a little more fiddling and it will be solid
    But the Fusion 180 Smart is a different beast. I have done a lot of with the basics. Still would feel a little disconnect, not solid, kind floaty. Been messing with the PID tuning, mostly P and I, nothing with D. I think your explanation will help. Belt driven tail has me learning though….thanks again for the video.

  • JT Keys:

    Thank you for this. My blade 230sv2 which now MH main frame coming 80$ more lol purposes like a dolphin. Lower pitch tiny help, but it’s annoying . Any advice ? Reduced battery it calms down. Maybe the upgraded motor. 2526/4500 believe. Next move back stock motor . Stock pinion. One thing I had it mid stick ready to pop smooth as glass, still bogs

  • GrotrianSeiler:

    Great presentation. Flying a helicopter is heady stuff. Most videos are overly presumptive, which is never helpful. Clearer explanations make for fewer crashes.

  • Timothy Campbell:

    This is the first visual demonstration I have found of how expo works. I understood the theory just fine, but sometimes seeing is believing. Well done, sir!

  • subman719:

    Excellent information! Thank you! ?

  • Jentje Dragonfly:

    He Man Thank for the nice video. And is the Spektrum DX6e a good transmitter to start with? I`m going to order one as soon as it`s back in stock

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