Blade® 330 S RTF and BNF Basic Helicopter

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Nestled perfectly between the collective pitch sensation Blade® 230 S V2 and the high performance 360 CFX models, the Blade 330 S takes intermediate pilots to the next level. It’s easy to step up with features such as a new modern robust design, easy-to-fly Blade SAFE® Helicopter Firmware, new rotor head, new main frame, and optimized power system. Spektrum™ H3055 and H3065 digital metal-geared servos provide precise response and durability, while the carbon fiber main blades ensure precision flight performance and consistency. Both the Ready-to-Fly and Bind-N-Fly™ Basic versions come with a Smart ESC, however, the RTF includes a battery and charger providing important telemetry data without extra modules or wires as well as delivering impressive flight stability and performance. With one of the best SAFE heli experiences yet, the refined stabilization and recovery modes allow pilots to grow their skills. The 330 S is engineered for intermediate to advanced heli pilots by offering a highly-tuned machine with innovative Smart and SAFE® technology ready for first forays into advanced flight.

SAFE Technology:
Innovative SAFE Technology makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence. Flight modes from self-leveling to full 3D allow you to grow your skills with this helicopter, from beginner and intermediate, to advanced maneuvers.

Spektrum Smart Technology:
The 330 S features a Spektrum Smart ESC, battery and charger that provides important telemetry data including motor RPM, current, battery voltage and more to compatible Spektrum AirWare equipped transmitters without extra modules or wires as well as delivering impressive flight stability and performance.

Progressive Flight Modes:
Stability Mode – Limited flight envelope with self-leveling bank angle limit.
3D Mode – Turns up the flip and roll rate for 3D capability.

Panic Recovery:
Quickly return to level flight with the press of a button should you lose orientation, or get into an uncomfortable situation.

Metal Gear Cyclic Servos:
Durable, digital high-speed servos offer precise, high-performance control that every heli pilot craves.

Collective Pitch Rotor System:
The collective pitch rotor mechanics of the 330 S have been engineered to give you just the right level of maneuverability for learning aerobatics and inverted flight.

325mm Carbon Fiber Blades:
Included carbon fiber main rotor blades provide clean and precise control.

Reinforced tough composite airframe and tail rotor.

Brushless Motor:
The high-speed brushless main motor delivers a simplified drive system that makes the 330 S lightweight and responsive.

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18 Responses to “Blade® 330 S RTF and BNF Basic Helicopter”

  • Ihor Huk:

    I bought one of these after seeing a few videos and advertisements. The looks and price were attractive as well as the size. Unfortunately I have had no luck with it. I am an intermediate pilot with over 7 years of helicopter experience. The gyro on this thing just does not work for me. I have over 20 hours into trying to get this helicopter to fly correctly. The SAFE system causes it to be extremely unstable upon spool up, requiring constant correction to prevent tipping over. Once in the air it somewhat stabilizes but will always drift hard in a random direction, usually backwards in my case. I have gone through the manual and did the recommended gyro calibration multiple times, ensured the swashplate was level, even tried switching to a better radio. I have tried adjusting the SAFE settings in forward programing. Nothing made a difference. I sent it back to Horizon and was told I had a stripped servo horn and it was repaired and test flown satisfactorily. As expected when I received it back it flew the exact same way with a constant hard drift and instability when spooling up. I have had good experiences with Horizon products in the past and their customer service has always been excellent. I taught my 6 year old nephew to fly on a Blade 70s. However in my case this helicopter just does not perform correctly. Doing a brief search on the internet these issues are well documented. I'm over a grand in with the helicopter, new radio, and accessories I have purchased for it. I will be ripping out the garbage FC6250HX Flight Controller and replacing it with another brand when I get around to it. I wish Horizon would fix the issues with this thing.


    Only fly planes. Got one of these used. Needs a few parts. Plane to bind it to my nx8. Can’t wait. Hope I don’t suck.????

  • RS Nekmes:

    Huh! I've never seen an actual helicopter fly like that.


    I only wish it was all carbon fiber

  • Billy Jack:

    I have the same one just received it but my battery connector is missing the center smartwire does yours have it? Thank you

  • James Morrison:

    I must say your absolutely right, and there was a time when I couldn't fly my helicopter in scale and I can do that in a very perfect way I'll leave the 3d to people like you

  • James Morrison:

    To the SMARTASS THAT SAID I CAN'T DO IT,the fact of the matter is I don't want to do it I have just as much fun flying scale as any SMARTASS that's flying 3D

  • James Morrison:

    Have 3 blade 500 electric helicopters been enjoying them for the last couple of years couldn't ask for a better helicopter fly scale

  • ahwayzcool:

    So I'm getting tail wag on mine. Normal, stunt 1 and stunt 2. Any ideas on how to correct this?

  • ahwayzcool:

    I'm getting this. My local HS has this on sale for $299

  • Jon Spikes:

    I'm getting this

  • Heliflieger 1981:

    Well next smack heli…its getting harder and harder for scale flying….almost no new fuselages anymore. Looking for new project after UH60,Bell and Airwolf 🙁

  • steve west:

    They show 2 different TX in this video ?? Which is it ?

  • Jon Spikes:


  • Jon Spikes:

    We need more video's on this here??

  • Mike Davis:

    So many haters! That size heli has multiple scale bodies available. Fly it how you want lol. I for one am completely stoked for this size, 3d capable with safe. Mine is bought currently. Thanks hh and blade for this one!

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