Blade 150 S BNF Basic Helicopter

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For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 150 S kicks the flight experience up a notch. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli more comfortable, even if it’s your first collective pitch helicopter. Self-stabilization, more accurate panic switch and self-leveling flight modes give intermediate to advanced pilots the confidence to master 3D flight indoors and out. Carbon fiber main frame and main gear along with metal gear servos and Fiber Reinforced Plastic main blades can survive the learning curve and add confidence. The flight and strength improvements make this a blast to fly in your local park or backyard.

– SAFE® Technology: Self leveling modes make learning to fly a collective pitch helicopter easier
– Progressive Flight Modes: Allows you to grow with this heli and build your collective pitch skills
– Panic Recovery: Recover the heli to a level attitude with the flip of a switch
– Durable: Carbon fiber and aluminum construction allow the 150 S to be very durable in the event of a crash
– Collective Pitch: Collective Pitch and SAFE allows an intermediate pilot to grow with the model when they’re ready for aerobatics and 3D flying
– Metal Gear cyclic servos: Durable, high-speed digital servos
– Direct Drive Tail Motor: Brushless tail motor delivers impressive heading hold in a simplistic design
– 5-6 minute flights

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