AH-64A Apache – RC Helicopter – One Heck of a Heli

AH-64A Apache (i usually don’t post non turbine here, but i make the exception for this) 1/7th scale Fuselage Length: 86″ If you would like more information …
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22 Responses to “AH-64A Apache – RC Helicopter – One Heck of a Heli”

  • fpstina:

    3500k… lol? & sigh…

  • Astor Knudsen:

    Nothing is stornger than love… expet an apache helicopter that motherfuckers got missiles and? machine guns!!

  • bobkats:

    does this company still? exist? cannot find it on the url

  • Tony Blair:

    and mini rocket launchers? :p

  • Vitor Rocha:

    How much??

  • Kanpol79:


  • IndyHelis:

    by the way the kits will? still be produced as we transferred all our molds and equipment to Darrel Sprayberry of uniqueaircraftdotkham. Not sure when he’ll have things up and running, hes building a new website.

  • IndyHelis:

    we did have videos on our site of rocket testing :O) ? Site coming down due to our closing.

  • IndyHelis:

    we started out with our own custom gasser mechanics that had to be heavily modified but we ended up making our own custom electric mechanics and it is so much better. Not sure which mechanics he? had in this video if it was ours or someone elses.

  • IndyHelis:

    We offered 2 other kits and got very little response, we arent a big company just a few of us working out of a garge and if anyone thinks they can make money in this market has no clue. we have shut down for? now. we just cant afford to eat rising costs anymore. Our kit price has stayed same since 2005. a minimal production run of our mechanics alone cost around 20-30k let alone the custom rotor head, custom landing gear and tail wheels, etc. How many of u have that laying around?

  • IndyHelis:

    34vortes has no clue as to what it takes to build a scale heli. ? most kits of this size are in the same neighborhood on price and dont have everything to complete it like the drive wire assembly or cockpit and dont have much for instructions most of the time.. you are just clueless and just showing your ignorance.. Its much much more than just a body shell you tool..custom molded chain gun parts, vacuum formed parts, laser cut wood formers, every nut and bolt, machined landing gear etc etc..

  • 1234567890Sascha:

    ich will ihn aber war das ein elektro oder vergaser?

  • Arbaelo3:

    i love it…i wana buy one , whats? the price like???

  • b101aa2:

    Indy makes a great AH-64… The problem is, that’s all they make…. Need 10-20 models at least to be competitive, because? your not going to survive as a business if you sell only 1 product every 6 months. Need to sell at least 2 models per week to be a viable business. As to their AH-64… it’s not a little heli. it is the very high end and larger scale.

  • 34VORTEX:

    nice copter, but no wonder indy is closing down.. 2k just for stupid body shell. once you get it to fly cost is over 3500k!!!! id? rather buy mini turbine copter or. a 400cc go kart. indy helis are a dicrace…ripoff.

  • madhellsing:

    $2000 is just the body kit. You need you buy the engine of your choice, the blades, the electronics and mechanics along? with the radio controller. Save up..

  • dsarnson:

    $2000 !! holy cow, time to? mortgage the homestead


    If ever there was a RC model? that just begged to have firing rockets…

  • Abdo M:

    all you? need is 1999 $ .. what a relief to know !

  • b101aa2:

    LOL, here’s lookin? at u kid. muahhh

  • Where can I get the Apache body shell?

  • where can I buy the Apache Bodyshell?

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