1 blade Helicopter. Both rotors. These are Blade 400 experiments.

Please read before Commenting*** I have only been experimenting with this stuff for 2 weeks just on a whim. Maybe some of you naysayer armchair pilots wh…


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  • stektfisk33:

    How does this work? Does it vibrate alot? Do you have to have twice as much pitch? Im confused? xD

  • Christopher Bear:

    I would love? to try this on my Blade 450X i just need to get the balance just right

  • Dave F.:

    this one? blade flys as good as most two blade heli haha: ) all about the balance n setup

  • Zumkke P.:

    XD the # of? videos

  • ymes2:

    Glory to Jesus Christ, our God, our Lord, our King, our Savior — JESUS CHRIST REIGNS — May JESUS CHRIST save you?

  • Recep SERBEST:


  • Cameron Shields:

    HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!! blade msr

    My servos dont seem to have any effect on the fly bar at all im getting next to no movment in my flybar. I have perfect throws in? my servos but it seems like i loose all movement through the head. I have just replaced the flybar now and it made no difference. My flybar teeters freely and my blades are loose and i have callibrated my swash many times. I have the ball links on advanced.? HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Fong:

    Hi I? have a cyclone 5013 helicopter and the tail rotors is not spinning therefore I can’t move it forwards? or backwards. Can Please help!!!!! THANKS!!!?

  • BreakIt Twice:

    Dude that is? boss…….

  • pavel1809:

    look like you have too? much experience with the helicopter please help me with my helicopter 450 helicopter 450 wont take off

  • Spearfisher1970:

    This was very cool, thank you. I’d like to know if? this would create a reduction in noise pollution for full-sized helicopters that operate at low altitudes over populated areas.

  • ninjapicklez69:

    what about a 1 sides? flybar?

  • NightFlyyer:

    Its new in the RC business, especially when I made the first ones over 2 years ago. See? the video single rotor helicopter. It also has no tail rotor whatsoever and has a clear body to see the mechanics.

  • NightFlyyer:

    Yes. I have flown all my tiny helis with 1 blade, including the MCPX flybarless, MSR, and one that? is really small. Check out my videos to see them.

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