Blade mSR 4ch RTF RC helicopter reviewed

Brought to you by My independent review of the E-flite Blade mSR fixed pitch micro 4-channel RC helicopter from the perspective a non-expert pilot.

We crack open the new blade msrx flybarless rc helicopter for your viewing pleasure. This mini rc helicopter provides loads of fun for all skill levels slightly above brand new. It does not come with a remote or even a battery, but as it’s meant for those who this isn’t their first mini remote control heli that should be not issue at all.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


42 Responses to “Blade mSR 4ch RTF RC helicopter reviewed”

  • Zhenjun Tan:

    How Much? Money

  • qntt2002:

    Get a Nano MCPX and? you will love it!

  • gmaninthusa:

    no w review a SAB goblin? 700

  • ProperSkill:

    It really ticks me off that blade wont put this out in a bnf version. Why the heck did I buy this dx6i? I fly a 120 SR with it, thats it. I been looking for a new little? heli to fly inside and it would have been this one but not now. RTF relaunch of this model was a mistake by Blade Helis

  • Gabriel Mansure:

    i just got a co-axal for christmas and it broke really quickly so ive been? looking for a nicer 4 channel – single rotar – and i think this is the right one! thanks for the reveiw!

  • onelife46:

    Mine turns right much faster than it does left thats normal right? Angle? of the blade maybe?

  • Rfacta:

    great review. I own a syma s107g, Blade mcx, blade 120 sr. Looking into getting this heli also!!! Thanks?

  • UltimateRCnetwork:

    Never touched one? in my life.

  • 0206198721:

    fuck dude have? another cigaret

  • HobbyViews:

    How is this compared to the V911?

    Faster?? More precise? Just interested to know.

  • Michael Hanna:

    Soon!. LOL?

  • Helol5:

    Ready? to fly

  • hjzzawtefyov:

    >>>__??????? ??l??? ??l?*?? ?????? ???|?????? ???? ??????????? ???????? ?|??? ? ?????? ??l????.___

  • 14pokecard:

    Flight time?? Charge time?

  • rcbashingtv:

    can you review the? 120 sr please!

  • CognizantxNight:

    Sounded like Aphex? Twin….

  • nintendogod12:

    Do you think this is comparable to the Great wall Xieda 9958 or the WL toys v911? I ordered both of them? as a step between a 4ch coax and a bigger 4ch fp

  • MrTenere13:

    I think you? just need to practice a bit

  • SWBFVideoSquad:

    Er…How much training do you need before? flying this one when you start off with the Syma-107g?

  • hamoon007:

    how? many volts is the ac adapter?

  • UltimateRCnetwork:

    Tremendous difference, and not? in the way I expected. Working on finishing up my mSR-X review here pretty soon!

  • abv0377:

    Great review! Thanks for? your time making it. I’m split between msr and msr-x. Any difference in stability?

  • minerallover:

    Jang you need? to do an blade mcx2 and indoor flight with it.

  • FormlaGamer123:

    could you do the mCP X thats what i meant to? say in my last commit

  • Mike Corson:

    I’m new to the RC Helli hobby (started Nov 2012) and have a few models already. This model was my last purchase (BNF basic) and I have my DX7 configured to fly this model just fine. My settings are as follows: Setup a new model as a Heli with 1 Servo Normal; set the DR/Expo as follows: Aile 90% Exp +20 – Elev 90% Exp +20 – Rudd 90% Exp +5. Then I set the Throttle curves as follows: Norm (FM-0)? set at 0,43,50,57,100; Stunt-1 (FM-1) 0,38,50,62,100. It works!

  • betamax01:

    What expo and dual rate settings would you recommend? I have a DX7s? and have grown out of my mCX2…..

  • pokk700:

    Do you think the Blade 450 3D would be? a good heli after mastering this one?

  • TheVarietyMaster:

    I love your reviews so much and they really help, I’m saving up for my first rc helicopter. What do you think would be good for me, I was thinking about the Blade CX2. Do you think you can put some videos of you actually flying some of them like the Huey and so on. Thanks? you guys are great!

  • NETBotic:

    it’s a good first heli if you take little tiny steps in learning how? to hover it tail in, if you cannot keep it in a 10″ square set it down and start over until you can hover, then go fly it

  • rcflightschool:

    Stick to it you’ll be surprised when it all clicks. My advice is fly outside when there is low wind. It’s amazing the amount of mental strain that’s? lost when you can make a mistake and not hit the nearest wall….

  • gtq838:

    so this was my first heli, I don’t think the shop gave me good advice getting it… but after about 30 minutes I’m able to fly it in my small room for about 30 seconds before crashing. I does take a beating well. by flying I mean up down pitch left right back and forward no turning yet. Even in the less sensitive control setting its an extremely touchy bird.. It looks well built but I think my learning curve is going to be higher than necessary with this heli…?

  • rcflightschool:

    Well a radio with expo would help but if? you can learn to fly it comfortably with what you have you’ll be better off.

  • metalomat087:

    Just started flying mine and have about 6 packs of running. I am used to coaxial so I know it has very different flight caracteristics, but it seem that I have to correct every single input and it gets away from me VERY quickly! Any suggestions? I am using the LP5DSM, should I go back to the one that came with it? Thanks and keep up the great? work!

  • jon780:

    great video, but the 30 second intro seems a little? excessive. looking forward to more reviews.

  • Bynum4life:

    For sure. Just placing the? gromets on the swash plate bars where the servo links connect does wonders! I learned it from one of my co-workers.

  • rcflightschool:

    Well when you buy a flybarless heli what do you expect? I think the msrX is for those who want to enjoy the nimble flight characteristics of a flybarless system without the added skill needed for collective control like on the mcpx. ?

  • rcflightschool:

    yeah it’s a fun fast little? bird

  • rcflightschool:

    Love it!? Thanks for the tips

  • rcflightschool:

    I like? to have them just a little tighter than floppy.

  • rcflightschool:

    @bigflame909 It can be if you respect the speed. Otherwise try the? sr120 to gfraduate from coax.

  • rcflightschool:

    @bigflame909 not for? very long =]. This is not collective pitch so no it cannot sustain inverted flight.

  • rcflightschool:

    Try the sr120 if your worried about stepping up too? fast but want to loose the coax.

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