MCPX V2 – Learning to Hover Inverted 01

Im going to be posting a few videos regarding my progress on learning to fly inverted. So far i have only hovered inverted on phoenix flight sim and thought i was ready to try it for real. I popped out the mcpx because i wanted to practice with it instead of my trex 450, hence the video… Thanks For Watching

GoPro™ on RC Helicopter I take you through my second flight of the GoPro Hero2 attached to the 9053 Volitation RC Helicopter and show you the steps I took to mount the camera to the chopper.
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19 Responses to “MCPX V2 – Learning to Hover Inverted 01”

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Sunshine – The Surface Of The Sun – John Murphy??

  • Elliot Bale:

    What? is the song playing ??

  • jeremihraiden:

    Nice! I was thinking of using one if those wireless cameras with monitors that way I can fly it? and see where I’m going!

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Thanks for your positivity. Very amateur to all of this – Heli’s, cameras,? edit program & tutorials etc. (This is? my second ever attempt with them.) Will be sure to check out your flight vids as i too am learning and am interested in your results. ?

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Flight time; 8 mins per factory battery. (Different batteries or battery interchangeing is an? option provided you allow downtime between them to allow for circuit cooling.) 50metres factory aerial / 65-70metres aerial unwound… But…

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    …. The Heli itself has a concept designed for breezeless (indoor style) conditions – For a responsive, more accurate and? most of all safe camera flying experience I’d have to recommened a better Helicopter. OK to get a few ‘one off’ shots if everyone is aware of it, but sounds like you need a ‘High-powered Heli’ that has a Single main rotor with a ‘Side facing tail rotor’. This side facing tail concept I’ve described is designed for negotiateing breeze.
    (OR, a Hex-copter.)

  • loadedmultimedia:

    nice job, thanks for the tutorial – very helpful.? Modding mine at the moment – will post flight vids soon

  • Cyril Biasutti:

    thank you very? nice

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    – Cheers Mate!?

  • olnorth:

    That’s? awesome!

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    – Could see the trees and powerlines coming… Land, or go over? – I chose over but had to land immediately after (before it went out of range.)
    Truthfully, a gruntier heli would make? the experience easier and more pleasant. The 9053 can do it, but doesn’t like breeze’s at all. ?

  • TheRemigo:

    lol? almost hit the power lines at 3:04

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Thanks? for watching.

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Thanks for the interest? mate.

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    I got the GoPro mostly for the dirt bike, but haven’t got around to that one yet….

    Looking forward to that! Yip,?? I like Unit. ?

  • MrSkunkwerx:

    Sunshine – The Surface Of The Sun – John? Murphy

  • Cyril Biasutti:

    What is the? music?

  • Guillermo Castellanos:


  • 1235zachzach:

    That’s? awesome dude! (:

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