XK K123 AS350 RC helicopter review – what it gets right & wrong.

XK K123 AS350 micro collective pitch RC helicopter review; including unboxing, inspection, binding, setup & flying. If you’re looking for a micro sized, brushless, highly detailed scale collective pitch RC helicopter to conveniently fly in your yard or at the indoor club fun fly, the XK K123 AS350 is worth consideration.

Efficiency and weight are not its strong points, but can be overlooked if your primary goal is a nice scale RC heli flying experience in a small package for around 0 USD. A very good value.

Products Links Below…

1. XK K123 RTF or BNF with 4 LiPo packs from Banggood:

2. XK K123 BNF Kit with one Lipo pack from Banggood:

3. How to Setup Collective Pitch RC Helicopters:

4. 1S 3.7V 500mAh LiPo pack:

5. XK K123 Tail Motor:

6. 4 LiPo pack set with 4 port USB charger from Amazon:

7. Collective Pitch RC Helicopter Setup:

8. My full detailed XK K123 review on my website:

Common questions/comments addressed:
1. What radio are you using in the video? FrSky Horus X12S.
2. Correction. The bars on the boom are not “step plates” as I mistakenly say in the video, they are VOR antennas (balanced loop VOR antennas to be exact).
3. What’s the current price? Click on the above links in the description to find current pricing at Banggood for both the BNF & RTF versions.
4. Is this a hobby grade RC helicopter? Yes – you can get replacement parts for it.

Video Chapter Time Index:
– Intro & Unboxing 0:00
– XK K123 helicopter details 2:35
– LiPo charging & box contents 9:16
– Binding to OpenTX radio using S-FHSS protocol 11:10
– LiPo battery size & fitment 13:55
– First test spool ups 15:14
– Test flight 17:21
– My Setup 23:10
– Conclusion 26:48

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16 Responses to “XK K123 AS350 RC helicopter review – what it gets right & wrong.”

  • John Salt:

    Want to learn more about the hobby of RC helicopters? Please visit my website:
    Common comments about the K123 addressed:
    1. What radio are you using? FrSky Horus X12S.
    2. Correction. The bars on the boom are not "step rods" as I state in the video, they are VOR antennas.
    3. Price? Click on the links in the description to find current pricing.
    4. Is this a hobby grade RC helicopter? Yes – you can get replacement parts for it.

  • VetteWay2Fast:

    Sure wish these were available somewhere in the US. Overseas shipping takes forever

  • Christopher Everett:

    really great review. very detailed

  • E.T.:

    because this is 3 blade model I´m wondering if I can set up correctly with the instructions in your ebook, I´m new with the CP helicopters and this was a gift so I´m having a hard time with this model.

    thank you

  • kd7126:

    Hey John, was looking at that neat little bird. I was wondering if you can bind the Heli to the Spektrum nx10 using your technic by using the jr/spectrum satellite receiver

  • Patrick:

    John, where can I find the thumb paddles similar to the ones on your transmitter sticks? Thanks!

  • boyfamersfom Marqwinez:

    I am ganna buy one

  • leon broekharst:

    Super video


    Hello John, in this video you mentioned that this helicopter would not be good for beginners learning to fly as it has some fragile parts. I have recently gotten into the hobby using a coaxial helicopter (syma s111g) and am looking to take a step up and try to learn to fly collective pitch. Do you have any recommendations for me on which models would be good to start with? I much prefer a machine that actually looks like a helicopter which is why I have gravitated towards the XK models. I appreciate any recommendations that you can provide, thank you.

  • Sport Vi?t Nguy?n:

    Thx is have Vi?tName :>

  • Marques MS:

    I'm wondering how much money you make to review these products if any!

  • Stryker5260:

    Hi John, a little story/question for you. My cousin bought a K123 from Motion RC, but they must have gotten a bad batch. On the first one that I set up and flew for him the tail motor would go out sporadically in flight on only the second or third pack. I was able to land somewhat softly the couple times it happened while flying circuits around my yard.

    The second K123 he got after the other was returned had the same problem, I set it up, test flew it a couple times just hovering around and a few days later he flew it and had the same thing happen! Except this time it crashed hard and the swashplate popped apart.

    Any idea on if it would be the motor, or the board? The first one had the wires out of the back of the motor damaged when the factory installed it, the second heli looked fine though.

  • Damien Hill:

    There should be a little Allen key in the pack …

  • James C:

    Is it possible to jam a 700maH battery (from the k124) into this?

  • becka fox:

    ?yeah it will fly inverted, only with a skilled pilot like yourself. Great flying buddy.

  • Alain Milotti:

    I just got one of these about a week ago and loving it. But I'm curious if you can ease the sensitivity (dual rate?) with the XK Transmitter that comes with it, because indeed, she's a bit touchy.

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