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The last is my favorite !! This is Tron helicopter 7.0 with Xnova motor #shorts

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Radio Controlled ANTI-GRAVITY Tron Legacy Light Cycle Review

Get pleasure from this small assessment of the Wall Crawling Tron legacy light cycle from airhogs. The zero gravity mild cycle as they call it is yet another in the line of zero g automobiles from airhogs, making use of enthusiasts to stick to smooth surfaces and two little wheals to generate about. they drive for about ten minutes and charge on the transmitter in about thirty. who’d of imagined a light cycle would conclude up on the game grid. audio by Kevin McLeod Animation, by myself The filming was speedy , the animation took some organizing and operate, 20 different results pictures all with each other, stay tuned for the producing of video clip. Unique many thanks to for all her help, check out out her channel for far more wonderful movies.


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