Check this performance and let me know what do you think , unreal electric motor and helicopter


12 Responses to “Check this performance and let me know what do you think , unreal electric motor and helicopter”

  • All Of The Boost:

    The skill this guy has is insane.

  • Plata Oplomo:

    I love that weird environmental effect were it looks like the blades start spinning reverse, who can explain that? Please explain

  • Plata Oplomo:

    Omg lol I knew it was going to make some power, that’s pretty cool, have you ever though about making your own drone and frame? But cool video and keep making some more I would like to see some other models and stuff or even some more of the same drone, I love quad copters but even with a single rotor this was impressive, you should make a parachute system on this!

  • Doctor D Gold Smith:

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  • i_didnt_do_it:

    Yea, looks awfully 911ie

  • Rashid Minhas Bhatti:

    un trained polite….same like this act



  • Alex I-MatthewJohnson:

    It disapp…..d!

  • haresh solanki:

    Let me know what happened afterwards…

  • Mahendra Jatol:

    Tune gadha laya hai yah gadhe ki hai

  • Wellington Sousa:

    Helicóptero a jato ?

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