BEST FIRST radio controlled (RC) HELICOPTER for BEGINNERS ! XK K130 Flybarless RC Helicopter

BEST FIRST radio controlled (RC) HELICOPTER for BEGINNERS ! XK K130 Flybarless RC Helicopter
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Awesome to try out a product that will help first time pilots (who have RC sim heli experience) learn radio controlled (RC) helicopter flying but that also satisfies and challenges intermediate and expert pilots with its aerobatic and 3D capability. You get everything you need to fly in the box with the exception of 4 AA batteries for the transmitter. The 6G feature ensures beginners will never lose control and flip the heli accidentally. The variable speed tail rotor prevents the heli from rotating unless commanded by the pilot through the transmitter on the left stick. Intermediate and expert pilots will enjoy the 3D mode at the flick of a switch that enables use of full collective pitch for high energy sport flying and 3D aerobatics.

IMPORTANT: Radio controlled helicopters are extremely dangerous and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that expert help is found from an experienced RC pilot before you fly an RC helicopter for the first time and that you are proficient in flying collective pitch RC helis on a simulator such as Aerofly or Realflight before attempting to fly a real RC heli. Always consider your safety and the safety of others when flying radio controlled aeroplanes, drones or helicopters.

Filmed by Dom Mitchell for the ‘Essential RC’ YouTube channel using the Panasonic AG-UX180 Pro 4K camcorder.

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15 Responses to “BEST FIRST radio controlled (RC) HELICOPTER for BEGINNERS ! XK K130 Flybarless RC Helicopter”

  • jake lang:

    The tail boom is to long..helis don't fly good like everyone thinks with stretch kits ,you need a really powerful motor on the tail if you make it to long I shortened my k130 and she flew 10 times better

  • Jambi Hobby:

    How to use ?

  • Jambi Hobby:

    So cool, i will be order on cek my channel sir

  • Chris Castella:

    Very good flying for a beginner…and btw, flying these 150 size helis is more difficult than say a 450…

  • Paltamon Messias:

    Maeby not for beginners but good heli

  • Mr. Shelton:

    I bought this for my first rc helicopter to learn on and crashed it once and totaled it. It's way to powerful for a beginner. Now I'm waiting for parts to fix it

  • FargothPL:

    This is a very bad helicopter for the first model. I bought a K110, K130 and E119. First I received K130 so I tried to fly it. I flew above the grass, but even a small mistake usually ended with a more or less painful crash. This heli has to much power to beginner. I broke that many parts, that this heli really pissed me out. "Beginner? Nice joke" I said and I put K130 back on the shelf thinking about reselling it. But instead of that, I waited for K110 and E119. K110 was still too crazy for my poorly skills (on high grass I managed to broke the main gear lol), but combo "E119 x XK-transmitter" was perfect for me. After 3 months of flying the E119, I can fly eights, loops and slowly trying to do the same things on the K110. Don't do my mistake. Fist buy K110 od even smaller heli and learn basic, and then jump to bigger (K130/E160 – I think that E160 is more unbreakable).

  • Second Opinion:

    How much for one?

  • marcus luo:

    yes this is indeed a very good helicopter to begin with except u need to tame down the throttle curve. it gives me alot of confidence in familiarise with orientations.

  • Brett Mccafferty:

    Greet video. It sounds like the tail rotor is making a lot of noise.

  • Denz Torres:

    john malkovich flying a rc heli, awesome!!!

  • Alf:

    well done fella, good flight that for a beginner

  • junkfoodeater:

    You start with at least 100hr in a sim thats what you do ?

  • Jason Day:

    Great flight! But that’s an intermediate heli K110 more suitable for beginner

  • David Jenkins:

    WAAAAY TOO POWERFUL for beginners! Should have started with an HK K110 instead.

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