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Syma AH-64 Apache RC Helicopter (PARTS ONLY!) Model S023G Retail $129

***FOR Areas ONLY!!*** Item Functions Remote manage Apache Military helicopter Capabilities an sophisticated gyroscope harmony technique Intended simpler to fly and switch Up, down, ahead, backwards, appropriate and still left movements Delivers about ten to twelve minutes of fly time on cost
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husband only spending time with his rc?

Issue by Mary M: husband only paying time with his rc?
we’ve been married for 6 decades and have a five yo daughter with each other, we’re each in our mid 20’s and utilised to have a genuinely very good partnership. he’s exams and critiques several rc airplanes and helicopters as a facet work, he also will get to keep what he reviews… currently he’s just been spending time in the garage modifying them and in the yard examination flying them, he won’t invest time with me or our daughter… i really don’t know if i ought to go to counseling or not, i don’t want to get a divorce over this but i’d like to repair the connection, he won’t even rest in the same mattress with me anymore, is he cheating?

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Solution by kingdom
Seems like a jerk to me. Go for counseling and if that doesn’t aid go away him.

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