Banggood HiSky HCP60 Heli – Review & Flight Test

Drone Camps RC reviews and flight tests the Banggood HCP 60 Mini 6 Axis 2.4Ghz heli. First impressions of this nano palm sized heli are awesome. This is the world’s smallest full collective helicopter. Very nimble and capable of full 3d maneuvers! Not a bad copter for under 0.

See hcp 60 here on Banggood:


5 Responses to “Banggood HiSky HCP60 Heli – Review & Flight Test”

  • Wong S F:

    Wltoys V966 vs Hisky HCP60, which one better?

  • steve sparrow:

    Does this 60 have the same Grips, swash, and feathering spindle as the 80? My friend gave me his 60, but those parts are broke. I can't find any 60 parts for sale yet.

  • przemekpal:

    Why the swashplate moves only a little bit using elev and aile stick? Mine has the same behavior and I thought, there is a problem somewhere…

  • Junebug Petty:

    What's a good battery to use with it? It's there a better stronger battery with a higher c rating that will fit

  • Junebug Petty:

    Is the motor strong enough to do good tic tocs? How durable is it? How's the tail hold with hurricanes and funnels

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