Single Rotor Bladed E-Sky 900 Heli + Mild 3D STUNTS of Blade 400 & Hyperfly

*** Please read before Commenting*** Vaguely tried a long time ago before today’s vast technology, I have proven the Single Blade Rotor head concept to myself using today’s modern machines. Why not before? Well, people said the concept is so ridiculous they would never consider doing it on big helis or models, because it simply couldn’t work and would be a waste of time. Well, my past single blade rotor video experiments led me to this next step, a bigger, heavier helicopter. I used my E-Sky 900 for this next experiment and is not a waste of time to me. It is science, physics, and fun.

Theory: With one blade, there is not as much blade turbulence, thus it’s quite sufficient, uses less power, has longer run times, and is quieter in cruise.

My physics friends tell me that as long as the counter weight is on, there would be no extra stress on the bearings. Bearings get changed at regular maintenance intervals on helis, so this is no problem. If my bearings start wobbling, I will tell you and change them.
With today’s materials and technology, almost anything is possible.
CCPM helis are difficult for most folks to learn to be good on in the first place, let alone for novices to be able to experiment like this.
So for those “Armchair Pilots” with negative opinions, I suggest you make your own heli, learn to fly it good enough to experiment, then put one blade on it to prove it for yourself before making opinions that it won’t work, is unsafe or ridiculous.,etc, etc.

Bumble bees aren’t supposed to be able to fly on paper blueprints either (due to unusual design and balance), but they do….backwards even! So never say never.

The point is that lots of ideas may work if your not afraid to try them. That’s why I think a lot of our stuff is manufactured overseas, and not here is because people are always so skeptical here, afraid to get hurt, etc, etc.
My idea sounded ridiculous to everyone I told I was going to try it to, but after explaining the theory, and with visual proof, they are now believers.

Lot’s of people are afraid to try anything outside the box. But not me.
I have proven this concept to myself. Maybe it’s not good for big helis, but it’s sufficient for me as my helis do all I want or need them to do at my age.

I am sure that I have proven enough that at least small toys, models, and flying machines will become the next step to use the single blades on, as it proves stable, uses less power, and would be cheaper to make.

I like my setups so much, I am leaving my Hyperfly, Blade, and ES-900 just like they are now. It is way easier to fly, believe it or not and I have spare blades for all. Haha.

Stay tuned for more experiments like this and thanks kindly for all your support.

Best Regards,
Dave Herbert
Academy of Model Aeronautics # 8221
Contest Director, Leader Member, Scientific.
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19 Responses to “Single Rotor Bladed E-Sky 900 Heli + Mild 3D STUNTS of Blade 400 & Hyperfly”

  • Harold Vocker:

    Noticed that the Heli had a wobble……… Heli's arent designed to fly with one blade..even if you balance the blade with counter weight………It works……..but not designed to fly that way….. Need at least two blades to properly fly…….Aerodynamics

  • Drunken Hamster:

    Hardest: Single blade, NOTAR, CP, Flybarless
    Hardest For Hovering w/no Wind: Single blade main and tail, CP, Flybarless

  • TiagoTiago:

    How does single-blading affect autorotation, if at all?

  • Karltheman240:

    Because he already did that lol

  • Karltheman240:

    it would have to be heavier than the blade because its center of mass is closer to the shaft than the center of mass of the blade 🙂

  • Witold K?pczy?ski:

    Well I must say that I admire people who want to do something different and without it there would be no inventions, but in my opinion reduction of wake by reducing one blade is negligible (still there is one blade which does some turbulence) and second thing is that airfoil has different drag coeff. than cylinder so it may result flutter like phenomena. Did you think about something else maybe two blade at different height of shaft? It would also reduce noise but may start bending momentum

  • Patrick White:

    Did you increase the blade pitch to 20 degrees at full collective and 10 degrees at mid or is it less? This is a very good idea because it improves all around performance! Thanks Dave.

  • mio:

    Dave, could it still auto rotate with one blade? Theres a test/challenge for you, but i bet you would chicken out 😉

  • Adi Zobrist:

    as always Dave!! very cool video!! like the way you explain all that stuff!! very good job..

  • Life1001:

    I can get this 3D heli for about $200usd, also need to buy brushless motor, ESC 60A, battery, transmitter, receiver, pitch gauge, servo, head lock gyros, charger, and adapter. I need help for that coz Im new to the hobby in rc helicopter.

  • raulrusboy:

    The Nazi's made a single-rotor backpack helicopter… They never used it because it was too hard to control, and everyone was afraid it was going to cut their head off.

  • 7249xxl:

    @Screenamerockz no it doesnt

  • Witchers:

    the single blade makes it considerably slower

  • Ronin Pictures:

    Nice banner, oh…read the description before commenting too



  • Elios0000:

    @NightFlyyer since it takes less power a single blade + digital fly bar! even less drag i know my 3G trex 500 gets ~3 min more flight time then a friends with a fly bar
    no fly bar + single blade could almost double flight times think you could test it out for us?

  • Tman TV:

    Hey can you see if you can do a documentary on the new brookstone AR Drone. It is really awesome and im getting it for Christmas.

  • Tman TV:

    Your absolutely right that it may work with models but here's the problem that could pop up with life size helis. Now I do know a good amount about aerodynamics and about atronomical physics. One thing I would like to relate this to is solar systems. So the way astronomers figure out if there is a planet orbiting a sun is not by looking for the planet but looking at the sun itself. If there is a planet the gravitational force will make it wobble. This is essentially the same concept that i beli

  • Casval Deikun:

    man i wish i could find some one too teach me too fly my heli but the ama club wants 75 bucks a month and im only a lance corporal i dont get payed enough.

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