1 Rotor Blade Gas Heli (Experiment) The HAMMER-HEAD.

Please read first* Click link for fantastic FULL 3D Flight of big 1 bladed helicopter in Switzerland! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abXGxS6CUU4

My “Hammer Head” rotor head with 1 main rotor blade is another experiment! Although this was the maiden flight, and more balancing needs done, I proved the Single Rotor Blade Rotor head concept to myself in my past (as seen in my single rotor bladed videos. This led me to the next step of a bigger Nitro Helicopter test.
I used my one of my Vintage Kyosho Nexus 30’s for this experiment. Since having success with my truly one bladed helicopter, the Hyperfly with no tail rotor blades, this was just natural and easy to do.
Again, this machine and setup surprised me as it uses less power, is just as maneuverable or better than stock. My theory proven is that since there is not as much blade turbulence, the one blade is quite sufficient, using less power with longer run times on electrics, and also being quieter.
My Physics Majors tell me that as long as the counter weight is on, there would be no extra stress on the bearings. Bearings get changed regular on real helis, so this is no problem normally. But if they start wobbling, I will tell you.
But since it is SO smooth, I think the bearings will last longer, however I have never burned out a bearing in any helicopter, not even a gas one.
That’s because I crash them long before that. LOL! So I think bigger heli’s could use this technique someday, but in the mean time, I will continue to fly my Heli’s with one rotor blade, because I can certainly see the difference.

If you disagree, maybe you should make your own to see for yourself before making an opinion.

The Nexus 30 was NOT really a 3D Capable machine by todays standard, so please don’t ask. I am simply proving a point to myself and want to keep my Vintage Helicopter alive and intact.
Bumble bees aren’t supposed to be able to fly, due to unusual design and balance …..but they do! Backwards even!
So the point is that lots of ideas may work if your not afraid to try them. That’s why I think a lot of our stuff is manufactured overseas, and not here.
People are afraid to try anything outside the box. But not me.
I have proven this concept to myself.

Stay tuned for more experiments like this and thanks kindly for all your support.

Best Regards,
Dave Herbert
Academy of Model Aeronautics # 8221
Contest Director, Leader Member, Scientific.
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