REVIEW: JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone!!! (10.25.2015)

Product Review JJJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone!!! Flight Review JJRC H8D FPV Drone testing all flight options. The JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone is a Small quadcopter with 5.8ghz FPV is a steady flyer, great for beginner or Teen. The JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone 5.8 ghz FPV works fluidly and has a strong signal. The JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone handles Winds up to 10 mph in flight, very easy to control as the transmitter is responsive.

This product is equipped with a professional level of aerial 5.8GHz high-definition camera, maximum up to 2 million pixels, it can be realized in the air to take pictures, video and other aerial capabilities, and real-time transmission to the image on the LCD screen.
Exclusive first dual control mode, with the player operation for novice entry-level model and the professional player’s technical level model. Truly a multi-purpose machine, indoor and outdoor operation of the model, suitable for a very wide range of players!
Remote control can freely switch for about throttle control, more suitable for multi-regional multi-range of people to use. New CVT function, can achieve 10% -100% to seamlessly shift, gradual acceleration and deceleration can be 1%, according to the player’s own proficiency and space operations to fully fit players to choose gear.
This product uses the 2.4GHz band signal, the operation more precise, more responsive, more distant remote control, can simultaneously in the same place each control more than one aircraft without mutual interference ; The product has a 360-degree roll function, in front, left in different directions roll, roll speed sensitive, precise positioning!
Unique product design, replaceable aircraft batteries, so you can enjoy a long uninterrupted remote control aircraft excitement pleasure!

I purchased the JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone on

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The smallest First Person View (FPV) ready-to-fly quadcopter made by Hubsan, the X4 H107D, a contender to the popular Ladybird. It is quite amazing how Hubsan is able to pack everything, including a camera and video transmitter into a quad, smaller than a Ladybird, with 6-axis gyro flight controller. The package even comes with a radio transmitter, video receiver and a blight large LCD screen, ready for beginners to start flying first person view and filming.

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Quadcopter Specification:
Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
Frequency: 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz (Video transmission)
Transmitter: 2.4GHz 4 channels, 4.3 Inch LCD
Control distance: 50 – 100meters
Live video distance: around 100 meters
Battery: 3.7V Voltage, 380mAh li-po battery with auto cut off safety PCB


39 Responses to “REVIEW: JJRC H8D 5.8 ghz FPV Drone!!! (10.25.2015)”

  • martin herrera:

    its this video is from bradenton?

  • Sina Arasteh:

    cuz 2 times 2 equals 4 and 1,2,3 …. ABC :))))) The best intellectual humor I've heard recently ;)?

  • Robert Perrigo:

    Thumbs up, I just found you're channel, and also subscribed. I'm new to the hobby, I'll tell you more of my story at a later date.?

  • Wayne Milward:

    hi can any one help me out ???? i need to get help on quadcopters i want to bye one .
    1, i need good photos.
    2,i need distance.
    3, i need to see what im taking photos of so i need a screen.
    4, i need it to have gps.
    5, i need it to come back when battrey running out and out of single .
    it is all for photos and videos and i need to go about 500 meters ish.
    i can spend about £300

    thank you



  • Ray Lyzenga:

    when I give it more power it wants to go to the won't jus go up gently n hover?

  • iGoldenPvP _:

    How do you calibrate this drone? Ive been looking for a vid on how to all day…?

  • Javier Villarreal:

    Have you tried the JJRC V666?, if so, how do you compare it to this JJRC H8D. I can't decide which one to get for my son, any pointer would be greatly a appretiated. Thanks, for the great video.?

  • ziggyzbeak:

    return to twilight zone button.?

  • mauricio torres:

    Your welcome?

  • Anthony Eaglebarger (toysoldier46552):

    Hey Thor, grab some velcro with that sticky on both sides, cut it and attach the camera that way. I do it all the time with my X5C works well.?

  • FPVwill:

    Good video, here is a fpv range video.

  • Dji Leon:

    I hope u did not take that the wrong way, I really enjoyed it thanks for making me laugh your vids are good…?

  • Anonymoose:

    Your calibration was off by half a nose width. Make a note.

    Looks like it was a pretty snappy performer. Would it support a real camera, or do you just not strap a $500 camera to that sort of toy??

  • dogthegod2112:

    The H8D is a nice quadcopter… I own one. The motors do burn out so they will eventually need to be replaced. Other than that, no complaints about it!

    Great video, Thor!?

  • BlackCat2:

    Looks like a neat little quad. 🙂 As for the broken off bit – e-6000 or would that mess something up?

    – Heidi?

  • Dji Leon:

    ok that's it I'm pressing return to home,?

  • mauricio torres:

    Or maybe a phantom 3 my Goodness?

  • mauricio torres:

    I d like to buy a Good price quadcopter not a ship one I allready bught a h20 axis gyro mini drone and a sky fighter maybe a 150$ drone?

  • george aura:

    is the charger for the screen usb??

  • Timo XD:

    Whats the range of the drone (how high can i fly with it)??

  • Kimberly Grace:

    How long can it fly before running out of battery?

  • JWKS2003:

    What are the cheapest fpv goggles I can use with this drone??


    Do you need to sighn something or like a permision?

  • Anime Summit:

    What is the point of such a small drone when the controller is huge??

  • mohamed elbanna:


  • mohamed elbanna:

    this is the price of plan only ?
    how much its controllet?

  • mohamed elbanna:

    what is the price this plane and its controller

  • Simon Wood:

    Trying to decide between H107C and H107D. I want FPV, but also HD recording.

    Should I get a D and attached a mobius or 808 for recording? Or should I get a C and add FPV?

    Which one flies better?

    The mobius camera looks way better quality than the h107C anyway.

    Any advice??

  • abdarrahmene nabi:

    Very ?????

  • Genoveva Gonzalez:

    can you connect the drone remote to a ps vita?

  • Jhon Sebastian:

    Cual es el precio del cuadricoptero?

  • Fire Wolf Gaming:

    Oh Ann, I won't this so bad, that would be sick if I got this for my birthday that's coming up soon, man, I would flip out. I won't this more than I won't the new 3DS, shocking right! ?

  • Martin Wickes:

    I bought one of these but cant find the drivers to download footage from the hand held unit to the pc  , would be really appreciated if you could point me in the direction of the drivers , I have searched but cannot find them?

  • Ben Brundage:

    how long does the battery last?

  • Max Higounenc:

    Do you have to buy the controller separatly ?

  • Haakon Johansen:

    Can i stalk people with it, how far away can i go without lossing signal ?

  • Michael Wong:

    Does it come with the controller?

  • Noah Christian:

    Does it stay in one spot when ur not doing anything

  • Kevin Brown:

    How do I transfer the recorded video to my PC??

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