QR 200 Mini Quadcopter Review

QR 200 Mini Quadcopter Review

My review of the Quadrysteria QR 200! Join me while I build it and take it for it’s first flight! The QR200 is designed differently then all the other racing quads out there, with vertical plates and a mount for a HD camera like a GoPro or Mobius. QR stands for “Quadrysteria Racer,” and it has a wheelbase of 200mm. It is able to run 1806 thru 2206 motors with up to 5 inch propellers. When using 5 inch propellers, the blades pass inside the frame a small amount. Don’t forget to try out 4 inch props on this quad, it really shines with them!

Hope you enjoy this video.

Product link for the QR 200: http://www.quadrysteria.com/store/c100/QR_200.html

I was sent a Complete Bundle for review. It consists of:
4 x SunnySky X2204S 2300kv Motors
4 x BLHeli 18amp Lite ZTW Spider ESCs
Acro Naze flight controller with buzzer
New Mini stackable PDB with two BECs and video pads
Set of 4 x 4.5″ Quadrysteria Basher Bullnose props
Motor screws 16*M3x6mm
14AWG Wire with heat shrink (Battery lead)
20AWG Wire with heat shrink (ESCs)

I purchased the following components to finish the build:
Acro Naze Rev6 flight controller
Frsky X4R-SB receiver
HawkEye Mini 200mw Race Band VTX
HS1177 FPV camera

3D printable camera mount link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1140998

I chose to try a Naze32 Rev6 in this quad to try out the FrSky SBUS receiver, and had plenty of problems with the Naze32 Rev 6… It is very buggy. My recommendation is to hold out for the next stable revision (Rev6A.)

I used oil based sharpie markers to highlight the edges of the frame with red, and I ran the power wires through paracord sheathing for a clean look. Simply cut a piece of paracord, remove the center strings, slide the wires through, and add heat shrink tubing to the ends to dress it up. I used 550 weight paracord since the wires are thin. If you have trouble sliding the wires through, a trick is to spray a little Windex or window cleaner on the wires for lubrication first (just clean it off before soldering, or powering anything up.)

PIDs used in Betaflight:
P Roll 5.5
P Pitch 8.3
P Yaw 10.4
I Roll 0.037
I Pitch 0.038
I Yaw 0.045
D Roll 29
D Pitch 29
D Yaw 0
TPA 0.25
TPA Breakpoint 1500

Check out my buddy Chase’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/chaseofva

Intro screen music credit:
David Bulla – Highlife youtu.be/5H4XVwnrmo4

Build video music credit:
Codeko – Crest [NCS Release] youtu.be/iq1jqaK49SgU

First flight video music credit:
Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release] youtu.be/p7ZsBPK656s

Closing music credit:
Disfigure – Hollah! [NCS Release] youtu.be/m0ZXoiIZ40U

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20 Responses to “QR 200 Mini Quadcopter Review”

  • Devin Stone:

    Well done,, appreciate it!?

  • xmaxh:

    this has a long long long long intro?

  • Stephen Wright:

    one of the best reviews Ive seen! One thing – I assume the 5 inch prop characteristics would be tuning rather than anything problematic with the design or components??

  • J Rey:

    I have a blade 200qx. Need to replace broken frame. Will I be able to utilize the components to this frame??

  • Craig Hancock:

    Super nice clean build. Wish I was at least half as good as you .?

  • Cedric van Sloten:

    Would you recommend this for a first build?

    I was thinking of buying one but I have no experience in building quads. Is there a build log or something similar?

    Really like your videos, very high quality!?

  • Frank Mosteller:

    Awsome review! I really like the way you did the edges with red. I am going to start doing this on all my builds. Thanks?

  • luke fisher:

    How long did the build take & what was the total cost if you don't mind disclosing, great job btw!?

  • Juanamo FPV:

    i wasnt very impressed with the naze rev6 either. it lasted maybe 2 weeks then when i went to plug it into the laptop it completely fried and fried two esc's in the process. just got the rev 6a and seems alot more stable.. and apparently theres no need for a bec anymore.
    great videos mate?

  • BanniUK:

    love your channel! u neeeddddd 1000000000 more subs :)?

  • Matthew Ward:

    Whoa awesome build. How did u color the sides with red? And what brand of propellers did u use? Thanks bud.?

  • RcADdict5054:

    where did you get the two sharpe's from??

  • Hally FPV:

    Nice little frame indeed, for the XT60 you could leave it in the original spot but solder a few cm of cable to the board rather than having a direct connection, then you have flex if she takes a knock. I had the same problem with the ImpulseRC alien, its not a good design to have the XT60 straight on the board like that especially when you crash!?

  • thomas de koster:

    Great video!!

    Love the quality on your video's, i can see you put a lot of time into making them this good! Keep up bringing new stuff, i love it.?

  • Quadrysteria:

    Your build is beautiful Jon! I have tri-blade 4 x 4.5 coming. They will be the props for the QR 200. These are the "unbreakable" Quadrysteria Basher Bullnose series made of polycarbonate. Still being produced at the factory. But should be available at http://www.quadrysteria.com in a few more weeks.?


    Great build video, always enjoy watching your videos..thumbs up :)?

  • Flight Mode Fast:

    Another awesome video. When you say all the motors in reverse do you mean top left and bottom right anti clockwise, top right and bottom left clockwise??

  • Hiway:

    Skyward FPV… rockin in the FPV world!?

  • X Hover:

    Great review!?

  • layrad:

    Beautiful quadcopter! I never really liked the exposed look of hobby-grade quads. It's usually so messy with wires everywhere that I even prefer the look of toy grade quads. However, you make this one look very neat and the red highlights are just perfect!?

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