JJRC H20 Review and Flight

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I was going to give this a glowing review, I did in the first part of the videos, but then it flew away….I was not able to find it. Others have reported this problem as well, so I would say do the antenna mods or fly it indoors :/ Other than that, it is a great hexacopter. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more coming soon!

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Here are some other videos of flyaways:

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12 Responses to “JJRC H20 Review and Flight”

  • Darren D:

    Any taxes or import duties when buying from banggood?

  • Matt Ventura:

    Same experience man!!! It flew away too because of the wind but I recovered it and found out that my drone landed on other's terrace.

  • John Wedrall:

    thanks for the info about the battery ????

  • John Wedrall:

    ???????? !

  • Outback Al:

    Mine flew away as well…but I found it.

  • Alessandro9634:

    Ciao, anche io ho un jjrc che dopo una brutta caduta non vola più.
    Quando accellero i 3 motori di destra hanno più potenza dei motori di sinistra, quindi quando parte si capovolge immediatamente.
    sai dirmi per quale motivo e se è risolvibile il problema?

  • kalyan shrestha:

    Flight time plz?? Mine didnt even hit 5 minuted mark ????

  • Peter Pan:

    I just ordered JJRC H20H today. It is my first drone and I will fly it indoors and around the house(outside) only. Nice video and I died when your drone flew away 😀

  • mc ifty:

    how long do you have to charge the battery for to get it full

  • Danny Diver:

    Decided to put mine on charge…… It burnt a hole in the charger!!!!!

  • Ishak O?uzhan Akçay:

    im literally cryin 😀

  • John Reaper:

    I lost my drone in the first day.

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