rc helicopters starting out guide.m4v

rc helicopters starting out guide.
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  • Matthew L:

    I mastered planes and im starting to get into helis. I started out with a syma? s107 and i just bought a mcpx bl. I crashed the first few flights and now my canopy and tailboom are cracked. All it needed was a little of tape and i probably have about 6 flights on it now and im finaly getting the hang of using the alierons and i can hover it. I wouldnt recommend starting with a mcpx especially the brushless version lol.

  • nitrokyosho:

    i like all my helis but my 450 pro? is my favorite

  • Edwin Orozco:

    which one? do u like better

  • mcevoyandrew1:

    excellent video mate? just what I needed to see

  • Shadowx011:

    Started with a Blade MCPX V2. I must be a natural because in just a couple of weeks I can fly this thing however I want. Only thing is I can only fly inverted for about 10 seconds before I chicken out and flip it back over. My second will be the Blade 450 I believe it is called…it will be much nicer having? a larger Heli.

  • Shadowx011:

    I am one of those naturals I guess when it comes to anything RC related. I? started out with the Blade MCPX V2 and within a week I can fly this thing however I want…I am still having some difficulties flying inverted I can only fly inverted for about 10 seconds before I have to flip it back over, lol. This is my very first Heli and I think my next will be the Blade 450 I believe it is called. Thanks for the video…had I seen it earlier I may have chosen a different one to start with…but am

  • enzo mac:

    i say u start with a cheaper 4ch heli to get more experience.!! your going to crass and throw away ur? money .

  • enzo mac:

    i started with the syma s107? now i have the esky lama v4 . i love it

  • A6Intruderman1:

    Thanks for another great video. One question though, I found? a Blade CX2 RTF for $25.00. Needless to say, I bought it. The only thing wrong with it is i need to replace the LiPo. what do you think of this as a first heli?

  • numex106:

    np, the msr x is also flybarless so that means you will get a experience close to? that of a larger bird such as blade 450 or the trex 450

  • WildBobsRC:

    Nice video, its nice to know someone like yourself , is out here helping folks out, thanks? Ray.~Bob

  • 97nnamdi:

    so the best starter is the blade scout and return the other one??

  • 97nnamdi:

    thanks ill think about? it

  • numex106:

    if you haven’t had ANY experience then blade mcx .? if you have a little experience then msr x :)

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