R/C Heli Tutorial #10 Proper Motor Maintenance

What’s up Everybody?, Thanks for watching! In this Tutorial I will show you How to do Proper Motor maintenance for your R/C Outrunner motors. Yes this is a long tutorial but in order to ensure it Include everything it took a little bit more time. We start off on basic lube then more complex lube job and motor test of my Scorpian HK-4035 560Kv motor. I hope you guys find this helpful and enjoy. If you like our videos please support us by subscribing. Be sure to check out our website for behind the scene photos videos and more!

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10 Responses to “R/C Heli Tutorial #10 Proper Motor Maintenance”

  • James Piccone:

    what are your thoughts on graphite powder for lubrication on any parts for RC helicopter?

  • Kenneth Holland:

    Of all the quality motors I have taken apart. They ALL have sealed bearings with magnetic shields. IE not requiring lubrication.

  • Verightess Gaming:

    Use a Wire Brush

  • topher:

    and that green loctite will go behind the bearing and go through the rear shield of the bearing when you put it on the outside like that… loctite near bearings is a no no for me

  • topher:

    heating metal then quickly cooling it makes it brittle no?

  • Ronald Torrito:

    Hi TheDaveyht3,

    You might put the motor partially in a plastic bag before you try to take off the snap ring.  If the snap ring flies, it will be in the bag if you want to use it again.  Thanks for the great video.


  • Anthony Abelardo:

    those allen wrenchs suck

    they soften up at times and cause the bolt head to strip

    it's better to invest in RC hardened steel allen hex keys

  • Cliff O:

    Nice post!  That is classic 3-phase motor maintenance just like they teach it in the  Navy (from my time back in the day lol).

  • Rich Morgenstein:

    lol anyone notice the 4 tubes of locktite on that table?  I take it he had a few screws take a hike mid flight at some point.  Paranoia! lol

  • ModelLights:

    Realize that you're just taking the finish off the threads where they rub to tighten.  Not likely a concern at all, you wouldn't even see it if it didn't have the weak black finish in the first place.  Just about any simple cosmetic finish is going to wear off threads very quickly.

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