Fast Lane RC Heli Shooter review

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19 Responses to “Fast Lane RC Heli Shooter review”

  • Cole Mattes:

    What is a good beginner 6 channel heli?

  • Cole Mattes:

    Is this a good beginner 6 channel heli? 

  • Bonnet jean denis:

    c'est de la merde!! première mise en route moteur anticouple qui crame'! un choque a l'élice qui casse!réparation ,6,50€ c'est du plastique de merde,enfin celle ci changée, courjus au connecteur de batterie,recepteur cramè,aucune rèponse du fournisseur .5mn de vol et budget explosé.plastiques et finition de très mauvaise qualité et très très très fragil!! a ne pas conseiller pour une première expérience.

  • vilson motta:

    ola amigo meu esc queimou e o receptor estragou de 6 canal eu quero colocar este helicóptero no radio turnigy 9x como comfiguro os canais vc sabe me mande um vídeo obrigado

  • blackpanter12345678:

    This helicopter have a great design. I love the design of it. However to anyone who ask if this is a good first CP helicopter. I would say no because this is not so very stabile heli and there is alot better CP helis on the market today.

  • edsterling0:

    Can't keep watching cos im about to buy it and increase my cresit card debt!!! Dam looks so good

  • paulo Fernandes:

    quanto tempo de voo ele dura?

  • ??????? ????:


  • DarkAngelsization:

    I got this heli!! I wanna ask u something!! If I wanna upgrade my motor from brushed to brushless, do i need to change ESC also and transmitter? Or just buy a brushless and install it ,no change, everthing stock?

  • Bot2k:

    Would this be a good first CP helicopter?

  • AfricanHero13:

    would this be a good first cp heli. i have lots of 4ch coaxial and fixed pitched experiance as well as some simulater time with cp helis. in the sim i can fly 3d without crashing so im pretty confidant i can fly cp without a problem. i need somthing dosile but can do 3d if pushed hard enough. also has to be durable and good parts avalability. my bunget is no more than 200$. i will go slighly higher if absolutly nesisary.


  • AfricanHero13:

    you don't say?!? lol

  • Bubba Smith:

    If I hear "really cool" or "pretty cool" again….too late….

  • KandJ Steward:

    Thanks Tony! Awesome to a newbie like me and I'm sure to other people too!

  • xhelicopter:

    Once it's in the air can you go full speed? Where do you have the throttle trim set at?

  • garry bluck:

    my honey bee wont take of at full speed can you halp plese


    i don't know wether to get this or not. the tx could be nicer. looks very old school.

  • Rhyason98:

    would you recommend this for an experienced beginner

  • yevgeni10:

    I have one

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